What the World Needs: More Mystery

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What the World Needs: More Mystery

Broken TV

'Would you be interested in a broken tv that was left in the street? It has pretty colours,' said Superfrenchie.

I thought about it. Superfrenchie lives in France.

Then it dawned on me that I'd just asked for photos.

'Sure!' I said. 'Sounds interesting.'

'I don't think I have a box big enough, also, not sure about how many stamps would be required,' she told me.

I wonder how it got broken. That could be a very interesting story, I think. It could involve anything from a desperate shootout to a very passionate lovers' quarrel.

Superfrenchie mused, 'Was there a football match on last weekend? Hm.'

Anyway, the colours really are pretty.

Broken TV
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