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Posted: 1st July 2019

Peace, Freedom, Reasonably-Price Love,
and Cats

Walt Whitman holding a butterfly   καλο μηνα! As the Greeks say. It's a new month. It's summer. All the photographers are hunting butterflies. Mrs Hoggett snagged one with her video camera, and the Post Editor did some stop-action. You'll see the results below. The very nice butterfly was obviously attracted by those gorgeous lilies. It's lily time, too.

It's also national holiday week. Happy Dominion Day to all Canadians, and to the US, please enjoy the Fourth responsibly, which means keep your fireworks to yourselves and don't fall into the river. In spite of the noise, these are not military holidays. They are holidays celebrating advances in republican government. As we commemorate the foresight of humans who did things before we were born, let us keep in mind that preserving the societies they left us, and passing them down to the kids intact, is a sacred trust. End of sermon.
Mrs Hoggett's butterfly
So, what have we for you this week? Oh, oodles of things.

  • Wildlife by Willem. Learn about the Cape Gannet and dream of flight.
  • Medieval history by Suzie Q Ferguson. Okay, Superfrenchie. She's got a photo quiz for you, too.
  • Speaking of quizzes, SashaQ takes over Quizmaster duties (see what I did there?) with some help from the Infinite Improbability Drive. You'll enjoy sharpening your wits this week. Sasha's quiz serves as an introduction to this month's Create Challenge, which is called 'You Have a History'. The Team are asking you to take a look at your own search history and have some fun with it.
  • Cartoons and comics galore! You'll laugh. You'll groan. You'll demand explanations, and possibly satisfaction. Be sure to share your emotions with the relevant artists.
  • The black-and-white photography challenge continues unabated, and takes over even more of the Post. This week, there are cats. Why are you not surprised? There are other things, too. Join in the art tours departing hourly.
  • There is fiction. There is a guest op/ed by Prof Animal Chaos. There are surprises, meaning photos that are not black-and-white, nor are they of cats. Find out who Galaxy Babe met. Find out why Awix is watching a film about Scrabble.

Next week, besides more photos, we will have another story extravaganza. Read, share, make snark, send more Stuff. And have a great week!

Quote of the Week

Peter with a 42 Shirt
This man is Peter. He is the Editor for the new ISO paper on AI Governance. I went to a drafting session in Paris for the Standing Committee I am on, the Global Standing Committee for AI. Apparently, there were two new big Standing Committtees being set up: one was for Smart Cities, the other for AI. The next number 'off the rank' for the next SC was 42. The Brits in the room, led by Peter, made sure that the AI SC got 42!

– Robbie Stamp

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July Create Challenge:
You Have a History

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