At What Cost?

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At What Cost?

Grafton, West Virginia, National Cemetery

To wake each dawn to the light of a new day, is the wish of all humankind on this blue planet of ours.

Alas, that mankind still repeats many fold those lines most often heard and spoken – LESSONS WILL BE LEARNT!

But! Continues never to learn.

As dawn shows her face on the far horizon, gunfire and bombardment fill the ears of all around.

Dread and fear replace the breakfast menu, whether in the shelter or trench.

Children hold close, their toys so dear, while their mothers pray for her husband so far away.

We did not start this war against our fellow man, our leaders locked away in safety did this.

History writes them as heroes of planning, while we are to be remembered at the cenotaphs.

Husband, father, son, wife, daughter and family members, are they just a name for history to recall.

They gave their lives for their country! Is not an accolade, they wanted to live in peace!

The greatest honour you can give our fallen and injured heroes – is to have peace in the world and end conflicts!

Talk not fight! Have respect! Not Hate!

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