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Posted: 3rd June 2019

Everywhere We Go

Spring Tulips by Tavaron Right now, the Post Editor is as exuberant as these Austrian tulips. Why, you ask? Because this morning, Brian stumbled upon, er, cleverly sussed out the solution to h2g2's Pliny woes. And lo, we are back! A nice surprise on a Bank Holiday/Memorial Day morning. We can now enjoy the blueness and the leaping dolphins, and click on embedded videos. Hurrah!

Other people have also done wonderful things today. You will be reading about them in future issues of the Post, because journalism. In the meantime, boy, do we have fun things for you to share and enjoy. Let's get to them.
To the Barricades by Bluebottle

  • There's a plethora of visuals. First of all, we have Extra Added Cartoons and Comics. Bluebottle will tell you a tale of television. SashaQ will take you job-hunting. Willem will take you out of this world and into another one. Paigetheoracle will take you somewhere, we're just not sure where.
  • Awix has cinema. You can choose between a rock god and a monster.
  • Willem has a beautiful dog. Bet you don't see that one at the dog park. Birds are everywhere: swimming, fishing, hitchhiking. That hitchhiking bird makes me want to sing the 'Tennessee Birdwalk'.
  • The long-awaited moment is here: we have the first entries in bobstafford's black-and-white challenge! We knew you couldn't stand the suspense any longer. Worse than Game of Thrones. Want to know what it's all about? See bobstafford's challenge below. Enjoy this week's entries, and subscribe for comments by Bob and Freewayriding. Add your remarks – and questions, because these photographers are a bunch of Suzie Qs and don't tell me much. Feel free to send your black-and-white photos to the Post. We'll include them in future issues, and Bob and FWR will be around to help with the expert analysis.
  • If all that weren't enough to keep you occupied, there are quizzes and essays and stories, oh my.

So do what you do best: read, enjoy, comment, share on social media, send new Stuff. And watch the video in Pliny to celebrate the fact that our Front Page is back and functional! (When 20 years old you will be, baby websites, look as good you will not.)

And have a great week!

Quote of the Week:
I put my envelope onto the box, and waited till the guy pushed the lever to let it fall through the hole with a "ding".

He thought it was weird, so I made it a little weirder by explaining: 'I love the "ding", it's the sound of democracy.'

Superfrenchie, voting in the European elections
NASA Mars Boarding Pass.NASA Mars Boarding Pass.
The Prof and the Post Editor have their boarding passes for Mars. Do you? Go sign up with NASA!

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