Four Things Worth Fighting For?

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Four Things Worth Fighting For?

To the Barricades! By Bluebottle

Bluebottle said:

Note to self – don't judge an entry by its title. I read 'Twitter to the Barricades! #secondcivilwarletters and Their Meaning' and as soon as I got to 'Barricades' I had the song 'Do You Hear The People Sing, Singing the Songs of Angry Men?' loudly playing proudly in my head. (This always makes me wonder, what are the women doing? Are they or aren't they singing angrily too? Is it an all-male workplace choir? Have they all died in childbirth or of diseases like smallpox, plague, cholera and scrofula? Are they unable to sing because they are chanting 'knit one purl one' while making Phrygian caps for Smurfs? Are they sensibly keeping the noise down in order to avoid being shot at? Or are they sitting perfectly still while quietly fuming?)
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