Suzie Q's Bakewell Tart

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Suzie Q's Bakewell Tart

Bakewell Tart Cornwall by Cactuscafe

You've heard of Chekhov's gun? Meet Chekhov's tart.

This is a Bakewell Tart that Cactuscafé photographed in Cornwall. In the best internet tradition, she has photographed her food to share with us virtually. It looks tasty. SashaQ, note the heart.

In the absolutely best Suzie Q Ferguson tradition, Cactuscafé has left it to the Editor to look up 'Bakewell tart'. Looking up 'Bakewell' in the Edited Guide yields this fascinating Entry on Well Dressings of the English Peak District, which is the most British Guide Entry title we can think of.

So, for the benefit of those hitchhikers who do not happen to hail from the Sceptred Isle1: Bakewell is a place in Derbyshire, pronounced 'Darbyshire'. It is not in Cornwall. Bakewell is famous for its puddings and tarts. I guess the confection was so popular that the recipe has been smuggled into foreign territories, even Cornwall.

Aha! you say to yourself, mayhap, That's why it's called Bakewell!

If you think that, friend, you do not know the English.

Bakewell's name comes from the Anglo-Saxon. Some guy named Badeca had a well. (They mumbled a lot in Derbyshire.) We don't know if Badeca's wife was a good cook.

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1Yes, Bluebottle, we know that phrase would be better used to describe the Isle of Wight.

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