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Posted: 25th March 2019

Spring Cleaning and Other Tasks

Tubby the cat is very pregnant. Meet Tubby the cat. She lives at the Hoggett Farm and Cat Sanctuary. She's very, very pregnant. Mrs Hoggett expects 'either six normal-sized or fewer very large' kittens. Tubby is not alone in her expectations, so we can look forward to more adorable kitty pics soon. We have at least one hidden in the pages of this week's h2g2 Post: beware, they may surprise you.
Line of Snow Demarcation by Dmitri Gheorgheni
It's that time of year: when the stubborn snow falls at night, and only reluctantly melts away in the sun, leaving a frosty silhouette of the Post Office upon the ground and causing the birds and chipmunks to chatter away in disgust. It's the time when you start to discard layers of clothing, and dig out those spring duds. You look for early flowers to photograph for the h2g2 Post, and start drooling over seed catalogues. Yep, it's spring. Time to open the windows, dust off the furniture, and clean out your sock drawer.

Our contributors are mostly right in step with the season (except for Paigetheoracle, who feels that a zombie is never out of season). In these pages, you will find (if you hunt hard enough):

  • Ancient bison and modern swans, the latter engaged in stately dance.
  • Spring flowers and a hotel for bugs.
  • A tasty but puzzling foodstuff and supernatural drink vision.
  • Organ for submariners and h2g2ers.
  • A stunning sunrise and a sign you could probably live without.
  • More jokes than you could shake a stick at, if you were of the stick-shaking persuasion.
  • Some fiction, poetry read but not written by a cat and dog, the usual useless advice, Awix's dramatic and musical cinema review (next time he composes folk music, we want a video), and more.

We also have a new Create challenge coming up on 1 April. It builds on the March challenge by asking you if you've ever had an unusual job, paid or unpaid. Casual questioning has revealed that Douglas Adams' chicken-coop-cleaning gig was not the oddest thing hitchhikers have done. We want you to let us in on your weird resumes.

Please read: the contributors have worked hard on this Stuff. If you don't want to read it, okay, go away, but please don't leave comments unless you have read it. Do not, for example, tell us that you didn't read the answer to the quiz because you prefer whatever you made up in your imagination. Don't get us wrong: you're welcome to make up anything you like in the privacy of your own head (and we encourage wild guesses on the picture quizzes). But please refrain from elbowing the content out of the way. It's rude, and it disappoints the writers and artists when they open a comment, only to find that the post has absolutely nothing to do with their work or the subject at hand. This sort of thing is discouraging.

If, on the other hand, our contributors' work reminds you of something you think somebody else might actually want to know about, please feel free to share. Feel free to ask relevant questions – somebody else might know the answer. If the stories, poems, and videos below inspire you to creative work of your own, please remember that the email address for submissions is postteamhg-at-gmail-dot-com.

kthxbai, as the kittehs say, and have a great week!

Quote of the Week: (About h2g2) The insider jokes are an anecdote, not our raison d'etre (as you English speakers say).   – Superfrenchie (of course)

Create April 2019 by Freewayriding
April Create Challenge:
You Work Where?

Dmitri Gheorgheni




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