April 2019 Create Challenge: You Work Where?

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April 2019 Create Challenge: You Work Where?

April 2019 Create Challenge by Freewayriding

Grateful acknowledgement to Caimanraptorelk for this Create Challenge.

I don't want to work

I want to bang on the drum all day

Todd Rundgren

In March, you told us your work anecdotes. Continuing on the theme of employment, we'd now like to ask you about unusual jobs. On your way to a regular career, you might have tried your hand at different things. Or you might have done something really unusual on a volunteer basis. We'd like to know about your adventures.

  • What is the all-time weirdest job you've ever had?
  • Did you ever volunteer for a job that was really unusual?
  • How in the world did you get in this situation?
  • Was it fun? Did you learn anything?
  • Did this work experience help you in any way? Did you make useful contacts, collect material for your novel, etc?
  • Would you recommend this job/volunteer experience to your young friends/worst enemies?

Share your stories with us at the Post! Or research some unusual jobs and add them to the Edited Guide. Tell us about unusual jobs that people had in the past that don't exist anymore. Or new, unusual jobs that have come into being recently. It's all grist to the mill of our endless curiosity.

Teenaged Post Editor, to Dad, in reference to a movie title: Hey, Dad, 'Where were you in the Summer of '42?'

Dad, after a second's reflection: Pluckin' chickens in Detroit.

(Slight pause before pelting Dad with questions…)


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