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written by cactuscafe

A man on a intravenous drip of coffee
Date Subject
14.12.09 Around the Day in 80 Worlds: The Blue Mushroom Inn Around Midnight (with Dmitri)
15.03.10 Around the Day in 80 Worlds: Camelopardis V (with Dmitri)
19.07.10 Around the Day in 80 Worlds: A Scavenger Foiled (with Dmitri)
25.10.10 The Post Time-Travel Challenge: I'll be There in no-time
22.11.10 Grasshoppers in the Park
07.03.11 Tribute to my Father
18.04.11 Advertising the Un-Advertisable – Sensory Interpretation
23.05.11 Notes on Notes
30.05.11 Around the Day in 80 Worlds: Lunch Rush on Oryx Minor
18.07.11 Cynthia: Infinity and the Buffet Car
19.09.11 h2g2 Art Challenge: New Page
21.11.11 h2g2 Photo: What attracts us most about Brighton
28.11.11 The Post Photo: Greeting
26.03.12 The Post Local Interest Quiz E: An Uplifting Experience
26.03.12 The Post Local Interest Quiz E: An Uplifting Experience: Answers
03.09.12 Maths Mushroom: 42
29.10.12 The Five to Midnight Bus
12.08.13 Postcards from Brighton
19.08.13 Stranger Song
26.08.13 Lit Up Otherworld
16.09.13 School Memories
18.11.13 A Stone of Remembrance
28.07.14 The Thinker
04.08.14 Spider?
04.08.14 Rock Solid
19.01.15 Bird Kite in Flight
26.01.15 Night Illusion
02.02.15 Snow Zone
09.02.15 Knitted Cakes
16.02.15 Birds of a Feather
23.02.15 Light and Shadows
03.02.15 Entity Encounter
09.02.15 Canary Cacti
16.02.15 Mast on Downs
23.02.15 Urban Sunflash
30.02.15 Steve Ovett
30.02.15 The Eclipse Scripts
06.04.15 Eastbourne Pier
13.04.15 Bodinnick
20.04.15 Maspalomas
27.04.15 Shadow Study
04.05.15 Shadow veins
01.06.15 Silver Whisper
08.06.15 Analogue Angel
15.06.15 Sunset Script
22.06.15 Royal Albert Bridge
29.06.15 Insecty Insect
06.07.15 Pepperpot Portrait
13.07.15 Henges
20.07.15 Sonic Electrical
21.03.16 Marmite Jim
28.03.16 Moon Tune
04.04.16 Ralph
02.01.17 Bright Bears
11.09.17 The Fake Diamond Lizard Brooch
02.10.17 Sky Over the Exe Estuary, Topsham
16.10.17 The Wave Breaks
20.11.17 The God of Lens Flare
27.11.17 Limpets of Cornwall
05.02.18 Strange Beauty
12.02.18 Alien Light
19.02.18 Timeless Shadows
16.04.18 Rope Bridge at Heligan
16.04.18 Proof of Devotion
07.01.19 Beach Life
07.01.19 Don't Go Down the Rabbithole
14.01.19 Another Sunset
14.01.19 Royal Pavilion Gardens, Brighton
14.01.19 The End of the Cycle Track
14.01.19 The Words of the Prophets
14.01.19 Wings and Antennae Optional
04.03.19 Significant Green Squiggle
04.03.19 Lamp Echoes
11.03.19 The Beachcomber's Tale
18.03.19 Playful Lights
18.03.19 The Chimneys of Brighton
25.03.19 Suzie Q's Bakewell Tart
25.03.19 Trees of Heligan
01.04.19 Photo Challenge, Lost Gardens of Heligan
01.04.19 There Isn't a Train I Wouldn't Take
08.04.19 Aliens or Angels?
08.04.19 Monochrome Dovecote
15.04.19 Pots That Don't Live in Glass Houses
15.04.19 Splash of Colour
22.04.19 Sundial Garden
29.04.19 Alien Familiarity
06.05.19 Suzie Q Ferguson's Latest Castle: Pevensey
06.05.19 Fine for Tilting
13.05.19 Arty Carpark
13.05.19 Inviting
17.06.19 A Nice Scene from the Countryside
24.06.19 Scene from an Inner Garden Centre
01.07.19 Enlightening
08.07.19 Stairs
15.07.19 Plastic Cactus
22.07.19 My Grandmother's Garden
29.07.19 Pavilion and Garden
29.07.19 Bakewell Tart Revisited
05.08.19 Gregor
11.11.19 Stone Birdie
11.11.19 Oh, Those Onions
18.11.19 Open-Mouthed with Astonishment
18.11.19 Royal Albert Bridge
25.11.19 Glastonbury Tor, First Light
02.12.19 Arty Yellow Flower
30.12.19 Seashell
30.12.19 Greetings from Brighton
13.01.20 Sunspokes
13.01.20 It's a Sign: Doggie Ice Cream
13.01.20 Sunrise, Brighton
20.01.20 Angel of the Rooftops
16.03.20 The Other Side of the Shell
06.04.20 Despatch from Brighton Marina
13.04.20 Bell Bollard Observed
20.04.20 The Station Clock Orbiting the Planet of the Orange Sofa
27.04.20 Bananas on the Balcony
04.05.20 Speckly Freckly
04.05.20 Celestial Dish Rack
11.05.20 Bottles on the Wall
11.05.20 Hieroglyphic Rug
07.12.20 Echium Pininana
07.12.20 Flying People Near Rottingdean
21.12.20 Spot the Human

For cactuscafe's poems see her Poetry Archive

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