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Posted: 18th March 2019

Questions, Questions

What is this?Nobody Passes Until I Get a Bribe by Dmitri GheorgheniWe have questions. Like 'What is this?' We have answers. You will find them in this week's issue of the h2g2 Post. You will also find these scintillating quotes, among others:

  • I imagine some ancient little pre-Chousingha looking at its reflection in a pool of water, inspecting its pitiful pair of horns, thinking of the huge-horned water buffaloes sharing its home, and pondering to itself: "skwoo this! I need more head-bling!"
  • Instead of 'proofreading' by running your eye over a text you've just written and (of course) pronouncing it 'perfect', try this: Read it aloud to your dog or cat.
  • Normal is a wrapper like a duvet to feel warm inside, even if the house is flooded and that smashing noise is from the shattering of your hallway landing window as the RNLI break in to see if the house has any stubborn gits left in it who ignored a flood evacuation instruction.
  • Can I interest you in an unidentified insect in my sister's garden?
  • Shall we tastefully consummate our illicit desire while your husband is out?
  • Can you imagine if the turbolift doors on the Enterprise looked like this?
  • The bright blue brolly (carefully lined with strong turkey foil, left over from Christmas) shielded her as the brilliant stars danced above her head. [Guess Who's got fiction in this issue?]

That's just a taste of the delights you'll find. We have cinema (read the review, you'll laugh out loud!), quizzes (THREE of them! All written by somebody other than the Editor, and therefore more interesting!), useless advice, rants, intriguing fiction (the usual warnings apply), humour, and photos, photos, photos. Oh, yes, and cats. Druids, take note: tree worship is a theme this week. Appreciate.

A h2g2 welcome this week to new Contributor Bemused. Drop by, read his essay 'Normality Orange', and say hi.

Remember to comment, check out the Create Challenge, keep reading Peer Review, and Send Stuff! Have a great week!

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