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Posted: 11th March 2019

Late Snows and Early Springs

Silvered tree in snow by Dmitri GheorgheniFrench crocuses by Superfrenchie

See that, Willem? That's what goes on in the northern hemisphere in March. On the left, you will see what it looked like in front of the Post Office last Sunday night. On the right, you can bask in the beauty of early spring in la belle France. Seasons are kind of iffy up here. We hope you are enjoying your plant outings. Pet a wildebeest for us.

Our contributors have lots of photos to show you this week. Some are beautiful, some are amusing, some are scary, and one or two of them might make you think. Express your appreciation appropriately.

We have many exciting things for you this week, so let's get started:
Snowy Night by Dmitri Gheorgheni
  • Willem shows you 'Beefs of Yore', while Cactuscafé guides you to the beach. Paigetheoracle points his camera at the roots of trees, and bobstafford shoots the sky.
  • Awix has gone to a place he says is called 'Manhattan', where he hopes to observe American cinemagoers in their native habitat. In the meantime, he's left us a review of the only wrestling movie you may ever want to see.
  • We have some cool quizzes and jokes'n'stuffz. Enjoy.
  • Freewayriding shares some exciting photo evidence of….we're not sure what. However, the short story will be along next week, which should clear things up nicely. Things to look forward to.
  • Speaking of fiction: They've driven me to it, these fiction writers. Starting with this issue, the Post will issue a health warning with any material deemed unsuitable for reading during meals. We offer this as a free service to our readers. Caveat lector.
  • The Editor wrote a poem. The stimulus for this poem was the discovery of an amazing enterprise in geolocation. Why is this poetic? Read and see.
  • There's more cool Stuff in here. You'll want to guess, comment, caption, etc.
Hoggett Kitten #4042 by Dmitri Gheorgheni
Speaking of early for spring, the Hoggetts have new kittens already. And it's not even the spring thaw. They've sent a video, which you will be able to see by clicking on this link, or by locating the embedded video somewhere on this Pliny page.

We wish you joy of whatever weather you've got, and many blessings, whatever you're getting up to. Have a great week!

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  • Not like paint drying.


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