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An old map depicting an island and a large X marking a spot.

Last night I dreamt I went to mixed.insect.offer

It wasn't burning, thank goodness.

It was a bit more crowded than I expected from Daphne Du Maurier

But, then it wasn't plank.modules.elsewhere.

Cornwall can be cold this time of year.

Soon the Researchers will gather

At copper.hiding.trains

I hope they'll have a good time.

They might take a side trip to slam.pilots.castle for more knowledge

Or shovels.sorry.hidden, to pay their respects.

At fence.gross.bats, Her Majesty may not notice

That the Hitchhikers have invaded her kingdom.

They come in peace.

No need for panicked calls to

Soup.softly.jets. They're only armed with snark and information.

Tonight I'll pray for my friend at frost.highs.flow

That he'll still have water, and electricity to keep sending emails

And for the little ones in immigrate.visited.practical

And the very practical couple who take care of them in the heart of Africa.

And then I'll go to sleep and dream.

Maybe I'll go to flank.item.styled and dream of music and mountains.

Wherever I go

I'll take the words.

This poem was made with the help of the what3words map.

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