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Suppose you find yourself with an out-of-date textbook, a decommissioned1  library reference book, or any other book that would have no particular value for anyone as an actual book for reading2. Suppose also that the book is 300-400 pages long. If you have such a book and you wonder what to do with it, here is a fun idea.

This paper hedgehog is simple to make (although it requires some patience to complete so would not be a suitable pastime for young children, for example). It has a cute facial expression and a very pleasing texture.

Fold, Fold, Fold

Hold the book as if you are about to read it, and turn the front cover over.

  1. Take the first page and fold it in half so the edge of the page is folded into the spine.

  2. Now fold the top right corner of the folded page in towards the spine at an angle of 45° so as to create a right-angled triangle with one edge running along the spine.

  3. Next fold the bottom right corner of the folded page in towards the spine at an angle of 45° so as to create a right-angled triangle with one edge running along the spine.

The page is now shaped like a (symmetrical) trapezium.

Turn the first page over and then take the second page and repeat steps 1 to 3 so it is also shaped like a trapezium.

Picture of Trapezium Shape

Repeat this procedure until all the pages are folded into trapezium shapes (this will take at least an hour, but is a pleasantly relaxing activity so there is no need to rush). The process gets slightly more difficult towards the end of the book as the folded pages fan out, giving less space for the folding of the remaining pages, so take care to ensure all the pages are folded right in to the spine. This will ensure the process creates a smooth arch of paper.

Finishing Touches

Once all the pages have been folded, trim the front and back covers of the book to the same trapezium shape as the first and last pages.

Choose which of the sloped sides is to be the front of your hedgehog. Using glue or double-sided sticky tape, attach a circle of coloured cardboard 2cm (¾in) in diameter to the edge of the book to make a nose.

Finally stick googly eyes or circles of coloured cardboard to the front of the hedgehog to complete its cute little face.

1And clearly marked as 'Withdrawn'.2Such as an unloved book in the bargain bin of a charity shop.

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