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Posted: 4th February 2019

Winter's Tales

Nigel's Groundhog Day Badger Visit
This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather.
Phil Connors in Groundhog Day

The Groundhog optimistically predicts an early spring. Let it be over soon. The charm of snow is fleeting. Mais où sont les neiges d'antan? I don't care where they are. The neiges d' aujourd'hui are clogging up my driveway, and I am sick of them.

Nonetheless, please keep in mind that, snow or no snow, you are expected to come up with something interesting for this month's Create challenge. We believe that Cactuscafé will do her bit now that we have explained the movie to her. We're not sure who ended up more confused. See the challenge page for details on what to write.
Street Crossing by the Library of Congress
We have so much fiction in this week's issue that it fully warrants the Editorial page title. These are, indeed, winter's tales. First, I dug up an old science fiction story from the public domain archives. It's both hilarious and terrifying. These two adjectives also describe Paigetheoracle's 'The Man Who Wanted to Die, But Couldn't', which has been supplied with an illustration by the ever-helpful Freewayriding. Warning: do not read, or view, this webpage either during dinner or directly before bed. We will not be responsible for the consequences.

The fiction doesn't stop there. Freewayriding's old supernatural menaces, the Light and the Dark, are back for a reprise. They're up to no good, as usual. Not to be outdone, I discuss the problem of philosophical dualism in a little tale of urban encounter I call 'Of Light, Dark, and Other Things'.
Two Chums by the Library of Congress
Create's February challenge has already born fruit in the form of stories by Minorvogonpoet and Freewayriding. MVP's is uplifting. FWR's is about what you'd expect. Don't read this one before bed, either. Suitably for the subject of Groundhog Day, I've pulled out a rerun from the files. Find out why John Hates Mondays. (This one might help Cactuscafé understand the subject better while she's waiting for her DVD to arrive.)

It isn't all short stories this week. We have photos. We have, er, cats. We even have dogs! We have videos. Learn more than you ever wanted to know about the music of the 1920s. There are quizzes. There is cinema philosophy. There's the usual amount of humour and snark. Read, learn, take up challenges, supply captioning, plot revenge.

And have a great week! No matter what the weather does to us.

Quotes of the Week:
Named my children.

Named my cat.

Named my dog.

My wife even named her motor car. (Klaus)

But this anthropomorphizing of winter weather systems is flat out stupid.

– @Nightcam on Twitter

REMINDER Our new book, Colours of Wildlife: An Artist's Celebration of Biodiversity, by Willem, can still be ordered from Lulu. You know you want this.

Create February 2019 by Freewayriding
February Create Challenge:
Your Personal Groundhog Day

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