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FWR Najo 30th - End

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Gafael and the old biker stripped off the grey overalls and stood atop the tower.

Leaving it 'til the last possible moment, the Child Who Held On and the King of the Wheel raised their swords, points touching, sparking.

Catching sunlight, bursting into wonderful flames.

Light erupted from the glowing steel, Majick shooting off over the heads of those below.

The outer ring of Riders focused their minds, directing the light to their own swords.

From one to the next, a wheel of power, beautiful and deadly.

The outer rim of the deadly wheel now joined to the hub by spokes of Light.

The Seekers encircling the camp raised their swords at the same moment the first shot rang out.

A perfect circle of scorching orange and white light travelled inwards, from Rider to Seeker. In the blink of an eye the burning wheel contracted.

Everything in its path was simply obliterated.

The two atop the tower lowered their weapons and the blinding light vanished.

Light and power shot skywards from two swords, wings of Majick slowly dissipating in the air.

Below stood the cheering Seeker camp.

A blackened, smouldering circle between them and the converging, jubilant Riders.

The Press on the bridge were stunned by the scene they had witnessed and beamed live throughout Society.

From their vantage point the aftermath resembled a wheel burnt into the earth, two wings flying outward.

Recorders panned from the camp, eager to be focussed away from the Deviant symbology, upwards to the figures on the tower, an aged biker with blazing blue eyes and a beautiful young woman.

A flag, a similar winged wheel, glowing in the sunlight, filled the screens momentarily,as the cameras hastily zoomed in on the young woman’s face.

Eyes blazing.

She looked through the recorders into millions of homes and hearts.

She smiled warmly and asked a simple question.

"Tell me, Citizens, what do you see?"

FWR Najo 30th - End

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smiley - love Great ending!
... Or is it, though?
So much to do still, and what's Lytham going to do now? I'm thinking he's not goung get a pair of leathers, but you've been proving my guesses wrong for most of the month, soooo..... smiley - biggrin

FWR Najo 30th - End

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Thanks again for reading SF.

All this from an old phot of the bridge at Fardon and a throwaway comment!

I have written a few spin-offs from the original Freedom's Fall story, including Lytham's story. (Trouble with a capital L)

Also... Gafael III, Matriarch of Society, is struggling with boredom in a future world, and, in another tale, the mysterious Council of Twelve have summonsed an ancient blue eyed biker from the Other.

Who knows where and when the road will take them next, I'm just enjoying the ride!

Now go get your nails fixed!smiley - cheerssmiley - bikersmiley - cogs

FWR Najo 30th - End

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smiley - hug

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