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FWR Najo 28th - Hunting the Hunters.

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Breath held, Spider watched as the enemy line pushed through the woods.

The nearest passing within two feet, oblivious to his presence.

The Unseeing Agents pushed onwards, their circle now within another, more powerful circle.

He thanked the trees for their assistance and shelter, Essence flowed between bark and hands.

Slowly he became visible, all around, other Riders seemed to step out of the woodland.

He signalled, and swords were drawn, edges glowing dimly beneath the branches.

Silently the riders followed, keeping a steady distance, Society's hunters totally unaware they were now the hunted.

Two hundred yards.

Thousands upon thousands of clicks as rounds were chambered, weapons cocked, flame ignited.

Downhill, on the riverbank, the camp went about their morning, unaware they were minutes from capture and death.

People, (if you could call these freaks people), sat around eating, chatting, laughing.

Others tended fires, cooked meals that would never be enjoyed, sharpened weapons that would never be used, polished their hated machines that would thankfully soon be scrap.

Overlooking the bank, a tall stone bridge, ancient but still standing.

One tower long since fallen, the other, crumbling but defiantly dominating the surrounding area.

This was to be the signal point.

All eyes waited for the tower to be captured, Society's banner unfurled, then and only then would the recorders roll and the press allowed access to capture the moment the Deviants fell.

Nervous hands stroked gun barrels, tapping fingers on triggers.

The sun arched through the skies, shadows cast by the tower fell over the camp, still they waited.

Time was nearly up.

FWR Najo 28th - Hunting the Hunters.

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Going to be hard to go through tomorrow while holding my breath.... smiley - puff

FWR Najo 28th - Hunting the Hunters.

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Nearly done! Thanks again for reading SF.

Writing another story at the same time, set in the same 'universe' but from the Agents point of view, so it has been a task to keep the time lines from crossing over! Lytham is a bit of a deviant in his own world. 2000 words to go on that one.

Piracy in La Rochelle harbour! He hates them almost as much as the bikers!

Merci! smiley - cheers

FWR Najo 28th - Hunting the Hunters.

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smiley - biggrin

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