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FWR Najo 29th - Circle of Freaks

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Scaling the bridge from the riverbank was easy, the signallers blending in to the mossy stonework, crumbling mortar providing welcome hand and footholds.

Over the parapet, a short, stooping run and they were at the base of the old tower.

The arched doorway posed no problem as the two guards were quickly despatched.

A short climb up rotting spiral stairs, air moist with decay, then they were out into the daylight.

Below and to their left, the camp. To their right, the shallow river.

The view was obscured by the lush forests on all sides, but they knew the trees hid many of their number.

Climbing onto the uppermost floor, rafters crumbling and rotted, up further onto the parapet, scaling the central turret.

Standing tall, looking out over the camp, the signal was given.

Then all hell broke loose.

Spotters in the ranks of Agents peered through their scopes, tracking the ascent of the two figures on the tower.

Victory would soon be theirs. Fingers hovered over triggers.

In the camp, now only fifty yards away, the deviants must have registered their presence, too late, men and women walked slowly to the edge of the clearing,

Each holding hands with the next, a circle of freaks, a useless sword held between each pair of partners hands.

Even then, the blades were pointed to the ground, surrender was inevitable.

On the tower, two figures stood tall.

Behind the Agents, the Riders also stood tall. Each silently holding a sword aloft, light catching the circle of steel.

Comms chattered as the Agents sought clarification.

The signal, although their scouts had made the tower, had not been given.

'Deviants are aware of strike force; do we move in?'

On the bridge, press recorders gathered, allowed access as soon as the pair were observed on the tower.

Techs scurried about, confirming live links, jostling for the best view of the carnage that would soon follow below.

Lenses focused on the circle of silent deviants, hands held around swords, a fence of freaks.

The element of surprise lost, and the signal still not forthcoming, (obviously someone had cocked up on the tower!) the Agents moved forward,

Weapons trained and locked on easy targets.

FWR Najo 29th - Circle of Freaks

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This is very exciting! smiley - biggrin

FWR Najo 29th - Circle of Freaks

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smiley - cheers

FWR Najo 29th - Circle of Freaks

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This better backfire big time, or else, FWR! *biting nails*

FWR Najo 29th - Circle of Freaks

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My apologies for the state of your nails again, lol!

Final turn of the wheel, tomorrow is another day.....

May all your roads be twisty SF.smiley - cheerssmiley - biker

FWR Najo 29th - Circle of Freaks

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And yours also! smiley - biggrin

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