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FWR Najo 7th - A way back.

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Order must be maintained; normality and conformity were everything.

Not a trace of these throwbacks was to be left.

Society would use this deviant uprising as an excuse to invade the C.N.

Spreading peace where there was none, the peoples of the Nations would be welcomed into Society if they conformed or wiped from the face of the Earth.

Either way, Society would expand, new lands would be settled, Citizens would benefit.

Either way, Lytham would be given more power within the top ranks of Society.

He'd missed the power, hated being regarded as just another drone for the hive.

Despised every second of his boring retirement.

But this was his way back.

Back where he should be.

Where he had the power of life and death over these Deviants!

Lytham signed off, keen for the Operation to begin.

His forces were less than a mile away, all routes of escape were blocked or heavily guarded.

The Deviants would be captured and dead by day's end.

He barked orders into the Comms.

Twelve thousand Agents closed in on the riverbank.

The circle closed ever tighter.

FWR Najo 7th - A way back.

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Apologies this should be 27TH!!!!

FWR Najo 7th - A way back.

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******reposted with correct number to keep my head on order!*****

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FWR Najo 7th - A way back.

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