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FWR Najo 26th - Down to the River

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"Three miles out, as you said Rhodri, our camp is surrounded, they've formed a circle, we're trapped here. Fish in a bloody barrel!" The Rider laughed despite the bad news.

"Wait ‘til they get to the river, it'll be at the old stone bridge. I'll see you after. Good luck my friend, may all your roads be twisty!"

The two men clasped hands, then Rhodri and Gafael rode off.

Following the shale riverbank, engines kept low, the pair enjoyed the morning ride.

Sunlight struck the water, all around, beauty glowed.

Gafael rejoiced in what she was seeing, the Way had opened her eyes, each detail blossomed into life, perfect in every way.

She reached out and touched an overhanging branch, feeling the Essence of the tree flow into her fingertips, the joy of sunlight and damp roots, the tickle as creatures scampered through her branches, the pride as each seed fell, to be scattered in the breeze, bringing new life to the universe.

Images and emotions, ghosts from the Otherworld bombarded her senses.

She felt the fear of the cattle in the slaughterhouse coming from the leather of her seat, the pleasure the same animal felt whilst grazing, the pride the engineer felt as she bolted on the engine, the Triumph gleaming as it was crated up and loaded onto the transporter, travelling from Birmingham to Abergele, the touch of the handlebars giving her a glimpse of the Time Before, so very long ago, but still present within the Wheel.

Images whirled in her mind, connections flowed.

She was beginning to master the Way, sorting out what was now, what was Other.

Tapping into the Way, drawing power from the Wheel, still the bombardment on her senses was sometimes overwhelming.

As if reading her thoughts, (and who knew if he was capable?), the old biker smiled across at her.

"It gets easier, I promise, just filter out that which you are not Seeking, all becomes clear!"

With a twist of the throttle, the Harley leapt away, snaking up the bank and onto the crumbling road, towards the bridge at Fardon.

FWR Najo 26th - Down to the River

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Ooh, coming to a close soon... /jumps up and down/
Yes I'm still reading. smiley - biggrin
And enjoying every bit of it. smiley - hug

FWR Najo 26th - Down to the River

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Thank you for riding along with me on this one SF.smiley - cheers

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FWR Najo 26th - Down to the River

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