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FWR Najo 25th - Wheels Within Wheels

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The camp had an almost carnival feel to it.

The clearing by the river was packed, tents and kitchens, blacksmiths and mechanics, Brothers and Sisters.

All enjoying the sunrise, living in the moment.

Children danced hand in hand, circling the pair of teenagers; one playing the flute whilst the other sang.

"They killed them all
At Freedom's Fall.
Our Fathers and Our Mothers.

They killed them all
At Freedom's Fall.
Our Sisters and Our Brothers.

But Rhodri's here
To End Our Fear
And Send Them
To the Other!"

The wheel stopped, and the children fell down, laughing wildly.

Simply enjoying the moment. Heedless of the history. Enjoying the game.

Everywhere now the flags fluttered in the breeze, advertising their presence, proud of their strength.

Celebrating their Freedom, enjoying the moment.


Rhodri sat astride the purring Harley, finishing his breakfast, chatting to the Elders.

Gafael stood close by, clean white robes catching fire as the sun rose, orange glinting on her sword.

The plan had been drawn, memorised, perfected.

She smiled at the people gathered in this beautiful place, pleased they would be safe - if all went well.

Deep in the woods, unseen and silent, a perfect circle of Seekers.

Swords planted in the earth, sheathed in cloth to avoid catching the growing light.

Waiting patiently for the signal. Wrapped in the moment.

Approaching them, another perfect circle.

Five miles out and closing.

The vast forces of Society came, carrying death in their arms and hate in their hearts.

Four miles.

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FWR Najo 25th - Wheels Within Wheels

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