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FWR Najo 24th - Broadcast

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Deep within the city walls news crews had gathered, jackals sensing carrion.

Lytham sat behind his desk, images of Citizen families huge on the screen behind him.

Peaceful lives, joyful lives, Conformity bringing the Bliss that only Society could offer.

He half-turned, nodding at the images before facing the recorders with a concerned frown.

"Society, your lives, your livelihoods, your families, everything we have built is, and it grieves me to say this to you all, under imminent threat."

He paused for effect as footage of a vast army of savages filled the screen.

Even the reporters let out a gasp, shocked that deviants such as these still existed.

"I am further saddened by this," gestures to the savages behind him, "Three decades ago I set out to rid Society, once and for all, of this menace. Many brave Agents and fellow Citizens died in that effort, we believed with all our hearts that their lives had been given to secure lasting peace, destroying the threat against Society."

Images of the executions, piles of deviant bodies, joyful scenes indeed!

"But, dear Citizens, I was wrong!" Cameras zoomed in on sorrowful and angry eyes.

"This battle, this victory, was not to be our last. This very morning, the brave forces of Society set out to confront a danger we thought was extinct. This time we will not be fighting on Society soil. This time we will take the fight into the very edges of Society, march into the unknown wastelands of the Celtic Nations, walk bravely into the very heart of deviant territory. We do this for you, we do this for decency, we do this for Society. We will fight these devils unto the last man, woman and child! And, my friends we will win!"

Scenes of young soldiers, battle weary but joyful, hugging and laughing amongst the carnage, burning bikes and fallen deviants all around.

"I was there that day, I will be there today....but more importantly, WE will be here tomorrow!"

The camera cuts back to peaceful Society scenes, Citizens safe and happy. The broadcast ended.

"Citizens, if you'd like to make your way back to the courtyard, the Press vehicles will take you to the observation point we've set up, I promise you the best view of today's proceedings"

As the reporters filed out, Lytham sat back and prepared to watch the battle on screen, wishing he was twenty years younger.

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FWR Najo 24th - Broadcast

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