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FWR Najo 23rd - So it begins.

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"Outnumbered twelve to one. No matter." Rhodri counted off the Agents.

Maps and hand drawn schematics spread out before the war council.

Routes in and out of the city, guard stations, armouries, food stores, numbers of the enemy.

Brother Spider had done well.

Invaluable intelligence gathered in exchange for a few broken fingers and some cracked ribs, a price well worth paying.

"Here!" Rhodri jabbed a finger at the riverbank at Farndon.

"Narrow access in and out, plenty of open ground, old stone bridge. Forest cover on three sides. Got to be here!"

Nods of agreement all around the room.

"Saddle up! You know what to do, good luck, and may all your roads be twisty!"

The stolen field radio crackled into activity, Agent lookouts sounding confident over the air.

Border Agents reported in before retreating towards the Garrison.

Over 900 riders crossing from C.N.

All on high powered motorcycles, three trucks and a few dozen horses.

Approximately one hundred on foot.

Only weapons observed were swords and spears.

No firearms in evidence.

No supply trains.

Deviant enemy force has set up camp at riverside, co-ordinates to follow.

Request aerial surveillance and immediate deployment of Chester Garrison.

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FWR Najo 23rd - So it begins.

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