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FWR Najo 22nd - So much for Brotherhood

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"So much for Brotherhood!" Lytham spoke in a calm, friendly voice, "Each and every Agent under my command would stand and die, rather than leave a fallen comrade!"

The rider spat his contempt.

"If they had stayed, all your men would be dead! Three of us are worth a hundred of your kind"

Lytham smiled, "That maybe so, but they didn't stand and fight, did they?" He let this sink in, "Just turned tail and fled, not one thought for your fate, Brotherhood indeed!"

"You're going to kill me old man, so get on with it, spare me the psychology!"

"You will die, yes, but not today, not until you stand along with each and every one of your 'brothers and sisters', but that will be for a televised audience and a rather large firing squad!"

"You'll be long dead before that day comes old man!"

Lytham grew tired of the man, "Take him away, interrogate him, but do not let him die!"

Three days later the guards found the lock on the cell door melted beyond recognition, of the battered and bloodied occupant, there was simply not a trace.

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FWR Najo 22nd - So much for Brotherhood

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