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Posted: 20th August 2018

Here, There, and Everywhere

Hummingbird transformation

See that? That's what I got in my inbox when I posted that hummingbird photo. Freewayriding did that with his incredible skill set (and a computer). We're always inspiring each other around here. Take the Writing Right column (who said, 'Please?' Oh, that was me). I mentioned a few possibilities for outlandish story ideas, and the inbox exploded again. This week, you get Minorvogonpoet's election tale. You'll like it. Starting next week, you can read what Freewayriding came up with when somebody who should have known better mentioned the words 'motorcycle' and 'cult' in the same breath.

What else have we got for you this week?
Hummingbird by Dmitri Gheorgheni
  • This week's Colours of Wildlife is also the Obligatory Cat Photo. Learn more about this cute and very important feline.
  • Speaking of cute, admire SashaQ's taste in stuffed rabbits. We know we do.
  • We have more nature: FWR's essay on the subject. Milla's photographic reflection on weather (stop fussing about it, Brits!), and a quiz from Sasha to show how well you know your plants. (Yeah, Willem, we know you know…)
  • Awix has been to the cinema again. This time, the movie is in Polish and French. It's full of diegetic music. You don't know what that is? We applaud your intellectual honesty. Go read the review and learn something.
  • We have Very Weird Things. Like the chairs Milla found in the auction house. Caption them. A French thermometer from the Twilight Zone. A Googled menu Suzie Q Ferguson found. Paigetheoracle's cartoon. An owlish discussion from Ask. The Editor's melodica playing. You get the idea. Steel yourselves, and help the discussion along.
  • Speaking of weird things, has it ever occurred to you that people in the Past had just as much junk in their heads as you do? No? You thought they were intellectual and dignified? Let us enlighten you – and ask for your help in unravelling the cultural references in the first chapter of Q(Arthur Quiller-Couch)'s thrilling novel The Astonishing History of Troy Town. Help us out – this is more fun than Antiques Roadshow, promise.

As usual, there is humour. There are intellectual challenges. There is useless advice, which obviously results in less useless writing, and thus will continue. There's plenty here to read, comment on, and pass around on social media. That guy from Florida really enjoyed those stories of FWR's….

Remember, as you go about your business, stay safe! Before taking that Post photo, make sure you are out of traffic and a safe distance away from the waterline. You never know when sharks may be lurking. Have a good week!

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