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Posted: 16th July 2018

The Nature of Inquiry

Fireworks in Space
Fireworks in Space, by NASA, ESA, R. O'Connell (University of Virginia), F. Paresce (National Institute for Astrophysics, Bologna, Italy), E. Young (Universities Space Research Association/Ames Research Center), the WFC3 Science Oversight Committee, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

We thank NASA and Co for the continual reminder of the beauty of space. We thank h2g2's photographers for their continuing inquiry into the beauties of our planet for the Earth Edition. We're learning as we go. We also thank bobstafford, who will be back next week with more tips, because he's teaching us how to use our cameras. This week, Freewayriding will be showing us some fancy camerawork he undertook with the help of the local bee population. You go, guys and gals.
Tammy the Chipmunk on bird feederThe Post Editor learned a photography trick this week. Being old and slow, and also unwilling to invest in an expensive camera with motor drive, the Editor was unable to capture action shots of Tammy the Chipmunk here. (Name change suggested by Willem from 'Chippy', much appreciated.) Tammy's too fast. But the camera does video….aha! Take a video, then frame-by-frame it to obtain the 'action shot'. Cool. Better pictures through technology.
Tammy the Chipmunk on bird feeder
We have wonderful photos in this week's issue. Why not send yours? This way, people will have a whole week to read and comment. You're archived, too. And you know what? Last month, 1200 whole people stopped by to admire the h2g2 Post. That's a bigger circulation than some small-town newspapers. Okay, you can't wrap fish in it, but it gets around, and the numbers are growing. To whoever tried to find the Post by putting smilies in the search box (twelve times), keep calm and carry on….

Meanwhile, here are some of this week's highlights:
  • Ever wondered what a black crowned night heron looked like? Wonder no more. Willem's got one.
  • Want to know what's on at the bijou? Awix is back with a foreign-language film that....oh, we'll let him tell it. He does it so well.
  • Do you speculate as to how drivers manage the dizzy spells they get on western Pennsylvania streets? We have photographic proof that it ain't easy.
  • Birds after sunflowers
  • Tavaron spotted beautiful things in her garden, see pics. SashaQ wants you to caption a robin (that's an English robin, Baron Grim), and shows you a remarkable insect. FWR, as mentioned, is out among the bees, while Mrs Hoggett made all the kittehs sit up and pose.
  • Superfrenchie wins the Suzie Q Ferguson Award for Terrible Tour-Guiding this week. Help us pelt her with questions about those windmills.
  • Not content with photographing animals, Paigetheoracle is doing something to make their lives better. He's invented a handy device to help dogs with mobility issues. Mine doesn't have trouble getting into the car, because she gets picked up. But she uses a similar device to get in and out of bed with the humans. Let Paige explain his invention.
  • We have humour. We have quizzes. We have cartoons. The Prof shows you the glories of Yorkshire. And yes, we have a video, courtesy of NASA, who are out to prove that the sun is cool. I added some music.

Dig in, enjoy, leave messages. Send more photos, essays, stories, poems, reports of peculiar behaviour in the West Riding, etc. Also, a special request: anybody who's been in London these exciting days, please send photos. You'll know why. And have a great week out there!

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