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Posted: 30th April 2018

More Stick-outiveness

Posters made to order. They are stickoutive, these posters.

No, the h2g2 Post hasn't gone into the poster printing business. But we loved this old advert, especially the part about 'stick-outiveness'. That's the goal on the internet, all right: stick-outiveness. We figure we'll hold our personal stick-outiveness up against anybody else's, anytime. You're going to find that a number of things stick out at you this week. Our contributors have been busy. Let's list some highlights:
Tribble the cat giving the Editor a severe look.
  • Tribble, this week's Obligatory Cat, is here to remind us that we've got a lot of wildlife to share, mostly of the 'birdie' variety. Willem lets us in on the habits of a highly effective fisher-heron. SashaQ goes birding out on the edge of the world. We didn't know the edge of the world was anywhere near Wales, but we live and learn. There may be bird-watching involved in FWR's photo of the Devon harbour: there's certainly water.
  • When we're not bird-watching, we're enjoying the landscape. Superfrenchie's holiday snap reminds us why the Germans say, 'living like God in France.'
  • So much for nature. Then there are unnatural occurrences, everywhere. In a less idyllic corner of the world, the Editor proves photographically that this April, the weather was out to get him personally. Bah. We ask you to caption a mysterious door. There is musical and video proof that the US is a stranger place than you thought, while somewhere in the UK night, a sign glows with its zen-like message. Go figure.
  • Of course we have regular Stuff. Or irregular regular Stuff. Or….oh, heck, just go and read the 42nd SuperMarket report. Bluebottle worked hard on it.
  • Speaking of regular occurrences, Awix watched superheroes at the cinema, and FWR wrote another outstanding zombie story. Yes, another one. Stop groaning: you will enjoy it! It has the two things no h2g2er can resist: footie, and ridiculous jokes. Also Henry Letterbox.
  • Yes, there are cartoons. Yes, there are features. Yes, there is writing advice to be ignored. There's even a rare find from the archives: the personal account of a woman born on the Wisconsin frontier who grew up to be an international diplomatic success. Check out the Log Cabin Lady and her story.

You know what to do with this content. Read, enjoy, leave nice comments, send more Stuff. Get out and enjoy spring, if (unlike the Post Editor) you don't have the 'flu and are feeling up to it.

Enjoy your week!
Price list for posters.

Buzzardina peeking out the doorIn Memoriam: Buzzardina Q Pussycat (1998-2018) aka Isis (on her papers), 'the soup-stealing cat' to the Hoggetts, 'the big mean kitty' (Lola the dog). Cause of death: unknown, but gloriously sudden. She was found frozen in mid-spring by the side of the biggest bed in the house, like an action shot preserved for posterity.

Rest in peace, Buzzardina. You expanded our understanding of catkind. Now go and play nicely with Clancy. He's probably been missing you this past year.

Dmitri Gheorgheni




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