Create May 2018 Challenge: Going Underground

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Create May 2018 Challenge: Going Underground

An underground mole, a real one!

Does 'underground' conjure images of moles, groundhogs or meerkats burrowing away around the world?

Or maybe 'underground' prompts thoughts of commuter misery, the human animal burrowing away around the world to get to work?

Secret 'underground' societies, resistance movements or abolitionists playing deadly games?

Or maybe you choose to play 'underground' exploring natures subterranean beauty, cave diving Mexican Cenotes or enjoying industrial or historical underground sites, Ancient burial sites, barrows and crypts?

Fan of the 'underground' music scene or crusader against the 'underground' criminal activities which plague society?

Myths, legends and folklore tales of fantastical 'underground' dwellers, crypts and labyrinths, mazes and Minotaurs, what lies beneath our feet?

So for this month's challenge, we invite you to go underground and share your tales, photos and knowledge of all things subterranean.

Write an Entry on your local subway, the trenches of the Somme, or how to get rid of pesky moles, or tell us about local, often unseen beauty spots, or thrilling leisure activities.

We all have something to share, even if you've been living in a cave for the past few decades.....ok, especially if you've been living in a cave for the past few decades!


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