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Posted: 9th April 2018

Signs of Spring

Homemade Easter bunny with flowersThat photo is there because we happen to know that some h2g2ers really like stuffed bunnies. The Editor's sister made this amazing creation, which was on display for Easter. Slowly but surely, we notice signs of spring. For example, the snow that fell last night melted a lot faster than usual….

Chippy the Chipmunk is back, and being chased by Padraig the Mean Red Squirrel. There are real bunnies outside in the Post Office Yard. Someday, the weather will be better….in the meantime, let's enjoy the beautiful worlds inside our heads. Our Contributors have gone all-out this week, and there's lots to enjoy, think about, and discuss:

  • Willem's feeling better (hurrah!), and has sent us a charming bird to learn about. Speaking of birds, Bluebottle spotted a couple of disgusted ducks the other day. They don't think much of human signage.
  • Freewayriding's artist's eye zeroed in on a wonder in the morning sky over the Wirral: help him caption it. Then be afraid – very afraid – as Henry Letterbox strikes again in the second part of his vampire serial.
  • Baby chicks, baby turkeys, baby ducks. They're all cute.
  • You may want to arm yourselves against vampires, at least literary ones. Here, too, the Post has you covered. The Editor had an opportunity to test-fire a crossbow on Easter Sunday. Result: a mild injury, and a hunt in the grass for a lost dart. Don't call me Nimrod. (That was my third-great-uncle.)
  • More amazing photography appears in this issue: bobstafford will tell you how to frame a photo, and show you how it's done. That is one beautiful picture, as always. We've got talent around here, to make up for clumsy Editors.
  • Awix has more cinema. Will he keep his cool this time? Will he actually like the movie? The tension is mounting. Go and read.
  • We have quizzes. Learn something.
  • We have humour. Be charitable, and laugh politely.
  • We have Opinions. They are well-reasoned opinions. SashaQ has been talking to Cleverbot about social media. I have some thoughts on naughty words, which I managed to get past the filther. Please read this only if you are old enough. (It's on the honour system.) Speaking of opinions, Benjaminpmoore has some thoughts on modern anxiety that you really must read. Frankly, he's put the problem so eloquently that it stopped me in my tracks. You'll want to hear what he has to say. Add thoughts of your own.
  • Who knew that kittens were so cute?
  • We have video action! You can learn some history from 'For What It's Worth', and SashaQ's music vid will have you boppin' to the beat of 'It's a Sin'.

You will notice that the chicks and kittens over at the Hoggett Farm are inspiring, as usual. Do you have baby whatsits at your house? If so, photos, please. Also anything else you've got: funny signs, peculiar happenings, breathtaking vistas, UFO visitations….we want to see! We also want to hear from you: your stories, poems, and essays are welcome. Reports of unusual events….you get the idea. In the meantime, read, enjoy, comment.

Stay warm, and have a great week out there!

Dmitri Gheorgheni




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