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Posted: 26th March 2018


Molly and too many keyboards.

That's Molly, the Editorial Assistant Kitty. She faces a dilemma: there are Too Many Keyboards in the Post Office parlour. She doesn't know which one to sit on: namely, the one most likely to be played on next. She needs to keep the noise down. Meh.

And now, to the subject of readership:
25 hits isn't much compared to the 2.7 million that Soandso has gotten...

A h2g2 Researcher Who Will Remain Nameless

Let me tell you about an English university student. One day, this student delivered some bottled water to a rich guy as part of his work/study job. The rich guy was impressed with him, and invited him to go on an ocean cruise, sort of an internship in government. The young man got ideas from this trip, and wrote a book, which he self-published. Big deal. But the printer made a mistake. To make good on the order, the printer coughed up an extra run of cheap copies. The cheap copies did the trick: people with less money bought the book. They took it with them when they emigrated. They studied these ideas. They even passed the book down to their kids.

You've heard of John Locke? US history students have. He's credited with influencing the American independence movement1. Locke is a key term in Advanced Placement US History (APUSH). That distinction is harder to achieve than an Oscar.

I don't want to hear any more about statistics. Keep writing.

Speaking of writing: here's what to expect in this week's jam-packed issue.
    Combretum kraussii, an edible plant
  • Edible plants: Willem's been learning about them. Enjoy the seminar.
  • Amazing animal pictures: bobstafford really knows how to photograph a squirrel. That will knock your socks off. So will FWR's home menagerie, who will give you a chuckle. SashaQ has done something virtual and animal-related. You won't want to miss it. Your assistance is also required to help caption the snarky giraffe. We're very wildlife-conscious here at the h2g2 Post.
  • Awix has not one, but two reviews. They were so incendiary,
    they almost ignited the Editorial Inbox. See what's got our reviewer steaming in what he called 'Awix Goes Nutso, Parts 1 & 2'. An extra added incentive to read both reviews is that I won't tell you which one features a picture of our horrified critic in the cinema. You'll have to look.
  • The zombies are back! And they're winning Oscars! Don't miss the exciting conclusion. Remember: next month, it's vampires!
  • We have videos! For the classical music lovers, we offer the immortal words of Charles Ives, 'Stand up and take your dissonance like a man!' Debussy gets spaced out, and Sasha takes Rubinstein to the tea dance. It's a toe-tapper.
  • We have humour, we have quizzes. We speculate on the misdeeds of the past, and tell you why you should appreciate Mark Twain. Read, enjoy, pass around your social media.
Debegeni Falls in South Africa
Remember to leave comments, and talk about the content. A special request from the Editor: If the links don't work, or you notice a fatal comma error, please notify the Editor, whose fault it is. If you enjoyed the content and have a question, anecdote to share, or request for more stories or photos, let the Contributors know. You may think this doesn't pay off. Your Editor begs to differ. Just last week, I read a particularly well-researched item by one of the writers at I sent him an email to say I enjoyed it, as one editor to another. He replied that the feedback was 'very appreciated'. People work hard at these things, let's let them know we care.

Enjoy yourselves out there. Remember: spring is coming! Stay safe, and send Stuff!

Dmitri Gheorgheni





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1The moral of this story is also that proofreaders' errors can have far-reaching effects. With this in mind, would anyone like to volunteer for training as a h2g2 Post Editorial Assistant? Learning GuideML code is
a requirement. Also opposable thumbs: Molly is the only exception to the rule. She got in on a grandfather clause.

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