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The heat of meat

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...and one feeding spot regularly provided furry sustenance.

I love it.

Some very meaty writing here. And layers of emotion. Its so deep, I'll have to drink some brandy.

smiley - stiffdrink

Joseph had been stirred by the heat of meat, for over a century he had existed as nothing more than mind.

Ah, right. (drinks brandy) Holymoly. This is intense stuff. That paragraph is strangely beautiful.

Then there's the epilogue.

Give me a few days. This writing, this conclusion!!, is like a meat sandwich that needs a lot of chewing and consideration.

Except I'm vegetarian, but you know what I mean. This story wouldnt be the same if it went all beansprouty. smiley - rofl

The heat of meat

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FWR (under new management)

Beansprouts is good! Probably explains why your angels are lighter than mine... BTW my son came up with the ending, I couldn't get it to work smiley - cheers

The heat of meat

Post 3


smiley - rofl The veggie option angels. smiley - angel

The veggie option angel ran out of protein to fuel the beat of her wings, and landed in an earthly fishpond.

What?? Don't mind me, I'm in a stupid yet happy mood. And all before breakfast. smiley - friedeggsmiley - coffee

I'm obsessed with your story, Mr FWR and son. Its to do with the layers, its so deep and psychological. Plus the writing detail is amazing. I'm enjoying the brain bending challenge. Good at my age to bend the brain.

Its great that your son came up with the ending! Talented family. Good to work together.

We do writings with our niece, its great, but I do get stick for my output. smiley - rofl

The heat of meat

Post 4

FWR (under new management)

We are a family of scribblers!

There's more mind bendy stuff in the pipeline Mrs Wordworth, this very morning, at stupid o clock, I've written one just for you!

(My angels are much much darker than yours, often of the Fallen tribe, I can spend hours making images to go with my stories of the Fallen.)

Breakfast you say? Where's my frying pan! Meat time again! smiley - cheers

The heat of meat

Post 5


Mrs Wordsworth eh? Dear sir, you have made my day. smiley - rofl

I'd have liked to have been Mrs Wordsworth. Or Mrs Coleridge. Laudanum for brekkie anyone? smiley - rofl

Excellent! I shall anticipate the bends. smiley - rofl.

Your Fallen angels would look great on stage, you know that? A quality stage production. I can see them, mysterious dancers. They rise out of the stage of the page.

smiley - burgersmiley - friedegg

The heat of meat

Post 6

FWR (under new management)

I take it you haven't seen Writing Right this week?

Lucifer the Musical...Fire and Feathers?....nah, probably been done...and it would be a very very expensive production!

I'll miss the old Greys, just a simple tale of brothers trying to look after each other....
smiley - run

The heat of meat

Post 7

Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

Personally, in that line, I prefer the old Prophecy movies. You can't beat Christopher Walken as an unhinged Gabriel, especially when you throw in Amanda Plummer as a lost soul...

I don't know if you knew this, but the original movie had several sequels. The last one was filmed in Romania, and had Sean Pertwee in it. smiley - rofl


The heat of meat

Post 8

FWR (under new management)

Lost their way after the third. Loved the original

The heat of meat

Post 9

Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

Great series, FWR. I am just happy I don't live anywhere near the setting of the story. I think it is much funnier and darker than 'Varney the Vampire'. You could have been the Dickens of H'penny Dreadful writers.

You might enjoy watching the old TV soap 'Dark Shadows' with its loveable Canadian main actor:


The heat of meat

Post 10


Christopher Walken as an unhinged Gabriel? I like it. smiley - rofl. I could almost love it. In fact I think I do. Now I know I love it. This film has to be seen.

Christopher Walken. Where is it that I saw him doing this amazing, quite bizarre dance ... ho hum ..ah yes!! Weapon of Choice, a Fatboy Slim video.

smiley - redwine

Funnier? says Elektra. I must return to yet another layer of the FWR tale. The humour layer.

Interesting, FWR, you'll miss the Greys, now the story is finished.

I wonder if a lot of authors experience this, like, missing the company their characters, once their story is written?

smiley - redwine

I still see the Greys on stage. It would be like on the Glastonbury Festival Pyramid Stage, when the English National Opera performed Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries, with mud all around them. So surreal.I see the Greys rising out of the mud. Somehow. Sort of. Atmospheric.

The heat of meat

Post 11

FWR (under new management)

Thanks Elektra... Will have a look see

Greys at Glastonbury... How would you tell them from the crowd? smiley - run

The heat of meat

Post 12


Hah! Yes! They blend with the crowd, indeed. They walk amongst us.


I think that sounds quite poetic. No? Oh, think I'd better sleep then, and have peculiar dreams.

smiley - zzz

The heat of meat

Post 13

FWR (under new management)

Sweet dreams Mrs W!

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