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Posted: 7th August 2017

Some Like It Hot

Charles Dickens, Biker. Who's that? Oh, that's Charles Dickens, the Biker. Courtesy of Freewayriding, who liked his new moniker. Charlie. . . er, FWR, continues to scare the socks off you this week with Part II of the Ha'penny Dreadful. It's spooky, folks, remember to read and comment. The illustrations are scary, too.

Are people around you complaining about the heat? Pah! It was 115° Fahrenheit in South Carolina last week. Count yourself lucky. Willem's got rain and cold weather, because where he is, it's winter. So don't fuss. Just enjoy his monkey with the moustache, and be glad you aren't in the southern US. Here in Pennsylvania, it's just warm enough to make swimming a pleasure. Relish these August days, people, and send us pictures.

Speaking of summer, are you travelling? If so, keep in mind that this month's Create Challenge is 'Travelling Hopefully'. Tell us your stories. Illustrate them with photos. We want to learn more about Planet Earth, human foibles, and lemon-scented napkins.

What else is there in this week's issue? Let's see, we have:
More lilies

  • More cinema from Awix. Our reviewer speculates as to why people go to watch romantic comedies, and why, if they do, they would want to see one called The Big Sick. If anyone figures this out, let us know.
  • More quizzes. We'll have you singing along on the road, and scratching your head over armour. Bluebottle's back to puzzle you. You may not know this about Bluebottle, but he's very knowledgeable about the Beatles, an obscure music group from Liverpool, we believe. Bluebottle knows just about everything there is to know about this group, and he wants to share some of that knowledge. Take his quiz. The Editor only got three right, but is sure you'll do better.
  • The Post is perfectly well aware that many readers of this periodical regard the issue as a set of virtual walls on which to inscribe witty graffiti. For this reason, we regularly provide you with captionable photos. This week, you are in luck: we have TWO such virtual spaces. Your inspirations come in animal form, and you can find them below. Please caption them – we await your quips with bated breath. Also feel free to continue adding unnecessary alternate punchlines to the Gheorgheniplex cartoons. The cartoonist lives to learn.
  • Yes, we have more lilies. This is the summer of lilies. Our excuse is that they are beautiful, have been growing in profusion this year, and might cheer someone up when they look at them.
  • Obligatory cat photo(Obligatory cat photo)
  • Speaking of cheering people up: Benjaminpmoore is back! We always rejoice when our caring expert returns to share his ideas with us. This time, Ben plans to lead us in a discussion that will combat the psychic damage done by all those mindless Cheerful Fairies on social media. No, says Ben, Everything Is Not OK, and that's all right, too. You don't have to grin and bear it. We welcome this refreshing viewpoint. We’re also chuffed that we get his columns ahead of the Huff Post. Take that, rival e-publication!
  • Here and there, you will find scattered humour and snark. Careful where you step. I'm on about how to write up travel, and provide you with a perfectly wonderful Horrible Example. Look, learn, snark back.

So there you have it. Read, comment, plan revenge stories. Be careful not to drop ice cream on your mobile device.

Have a great week out there!
Charles Dickens has Great Expectations about his new bike.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Moustached Guenon by Willem.
  • Mississippi Delta haze



  • A white rabbit.
  • Seals on a French beach.

  • A very red flower.

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