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Posted: 26th June 2017

This Is Very Midsummer Madness

Molly, the Editorial Assistant Kitty.Do you remember the kitten we showed you on this page two weeks ago? Yes? Guess where she lives now? This is to introduce Molly the Editorial Assistant Kitty. So far, Molly has distinguished herself by attempting, unsuccessfully, to ruin the Editor's Twitter reputation by sending a sabotage tweet. She was foiled because she is even more innumerate than the Editor, and exceeded the 140-character limit. Then she tried to block an innocent Twitterer. At this point, Molly was exiled to the floor. In her free time, Molly enjoys chasing small dogs, stealing the big cat's food, and reducing yarn balls to hopeless tangles. We predict a promising career for this young feline.

Nature is out of control this week. An hour ago, sparrows were doing X-rated things on the lawn. Meanwhile, a grey squirrel proudly showed the world his latest find: yet another walnut from the back garden. We've seen those before. Please take it away. Wait! What are you doing with that? Don't dig a hole! Noooooo. . . don't plant that. The squirrels appear determined to turn the Gheorgheni backyard into a walnut grove. We have dozens of volunteer plants. Or ones the squirrels have drafted. . .
Molly again
Speaking of 'volunteer' plants: you know what those are, don't you? The nice surprises that often come up randomly, or as a result of composting? Minorvogonpoet has a dilly of a volunteer plant. She's gone all chic on us and raised an avocado. This may be a h2g2 first. Go and admire.

While we're on the subject of Nature, please stop to enjoy Willem's latest bird discovery. It's beautiful, and the article is educational, too. From Willem, you actually learn things. From me, not so much. But I'm back with more nitwit biology this time. At least the flower's pretty.

The outdoors is so beautiful these days, we can't look away. Not even on a train, as Superfrenchie demonstrates. Write her a caption.

We understand the Prof's been 'gardening'. The weather was finally favourable for using the flame thrower. You don't believe me, but it's true. We'll prove it next week. (The exposé will be shocking.)

We have three quizzes. We have humour (or at least, that's our story, and we're sticking to it). Check out the Literary Corner: Congressman Davy Crockett takes on Fake News.
Bat visitor
Read, enjoy, share on social media, leave snark. Remember to send Stuff. You can even send cats, if you want to. What's one more kitty among friends?
Nature's PS: See that brown furry object over there? It's a Little Brown Bat, Myotis lucifugus. He dropped by to take a nap in the Post Office stairway the other day. We gently invited to him to take his business outside, and, to add insult to injury, wrote a Guide Entry about him. Tip to h2g2ers: if it's worth doing, it's worth writing about. That's how we get copy. Go thou and do likewise!

And have a wonderful week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Cape Batis by Willem.
  • Farm Scene in Spring, by Dmitri Gheorgheni.



  • Avocado Plant, by Minorvogonpoet.
  • Peony, by Dmitri Gheorgheni.

  • June 2017 Create Challenge by Freewayriding.
  • Landscape from a Train, by Superfrenchie

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