A Volunteer Avocado

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A Volunteer Avocado

An avocado plant.

In response to the Editor's lesson on where baby walnut trees come from, Minorvogonpoet has sent us a photo of the magnificent avocado plant that just showed up in her vegetable garden. Southern US farmers call that kind of growth 'a volunteer'.

MVP writes:

I found it growing in my vegetable plot, dug it up, put it in a pot and kept it indoors all winter. The only explanation is that we put avocado stones in our compost bin and, surprisingly, at least one survived until I put the compost on my vegetable plot.

The avocado plant will stay in a pot in the garden until autumn. If it's still small enough, I'll find a space for it in the house. If not, I'll put it as close to the house as I can and see if it will survive the winter. People grow vines round here, so perhaps avocadoes will be next?

If British avocados become a trend, you heard it here first, folks!

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