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Posted: 1st May 2017

Excitement, Adventure, Really Wild Things

A round tower that will confuse you. If that tower reminds you of Castrovalva, then your mind is both weird and capable of nostalgia. You'll like this week's issue. It's very weird, and sometimes nostalgic for past weirdness. The Editor would like to point out that this time, most of the newer weirdness is coming from the Contributors, who have collectively gone crazy with spring fever. It's May, and we think most of them can't handle all the sunshine. Or something.

Willem went off on a weekend nature trip, but. . . wait! Don't run away! He took pity on you and left a gorgeous bird painting for you to enjoy. You are safe from the Editor's nature 'painting' this week. Bask in the glory of the pygmy kingfisher instead. Those colours are a feast for the eyes and gladness to the soul.

Less colourful, but equally endearing, are Amy Pawloski's new chicks. Everybody likes baby chickens. They're cute. And unlike the ones over at the Hoggett Farm, they don't have an odor, at least on the digital page. (I keep being invited to 'step on in' to the chicken coop. Have you smelled a chicken coop?)

We have many questions for you to mull over: What really happened in those news stories? Why is Saint Firmin holding his head? Is knitting really better than sex? Can Bluebottle get the chatbot to say 'My hovercraft is full of eels?' Can Awix make it to the end of that French movie without going vegan? Where is that balloon going, and can we hitch a ride?

We have a nifty SuperMarket report. We have science news, and philosophical speculation about same. We talk about important-type writing, and trumpet the return of the addictive MST3K. We find an ad that mocks at the French novel it's trying to sell (?!), and wonder how the legendary Patsey Kerrigan got so strong.

And then, to add insult to injury, we demand that you be serious. This month's Create challenge is 'Build a Better World'. Can we do it? What tools do we need? Where do we start? A desperate planet awaits your suggestions. Okay, you don't have to be perfectly serious about this one. The usual amount of snark is permitted.

So read, comment, heckle. Get ready to write. Get out there and take photos. Send more Stuff! Obviously, the more of you participate, the nuttier it gets. Frankly, the world needs us. Have you seen what the rest of the press is putting out? Honestly, we're Pulitzer Prize level compared to most of them.

Have a good week out there!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Pygmy Kingfisher by Willem.
  • A hot-air balloon.



  • Amy's chickens.
  • Saint Firmin, with head.

  • Create May Challenge 2017.

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