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Posted: 17th April 2017

Tentative Spring

Some daffodils trying to make it be spring in Pennsylvania. A few days ago, there was snow on the ground. Today, it's a balmy 24C in Pennsylvania (I looked it up for you.) Those daffodils are working hard to make it look like spring is finally here, just in time for Easter. Many of you will be out celebrating spring, rebirth, bunnies with chocolate fetishes, and the need to commemorate the resurrection of a rabbi by consuming ham. (Even a Jewish friend used to do this, which rendered me speechless.) May you enjoy yourselves thoroughly, and not worry unduly about why we do the things we do. If it stops snowing, let's count our blessings and stop worrying. The world is weird enough.

Which has a lot to do with this week's issue. We know it's a madhouse out there. Our contributors are here to help you cope.

  • Willem sensibly helps us relax by observing a beautiful bird that has really nice habits. You would enjoy finding this fella in your garden.
  • Tavaron, on the other hand, confronts us with the more exotic, dinosaur-infested garden. Help caption, it's good therapy. All the best psychiatrists recommend it.
  • Icy North and I help sharpen your thinking with stimulating quizzes. Icy's is intellectual: mine may result in nausea and/or nightmares, depending on how you feel about The Exorcist.
  • Bluebottle and SashaQ have discovered a new hobby: tormenting chatbots. This week, Sasha romances Cleverbot, while Bluebottle digs Cleverbot's great-aunt, ELIZA, out of the cupboard. The resulting conversations were so interesting that rumour has it, they're planning to arrange a meeting between the two bots. The Post Editor is beginning to understand how Frankenstein felt. . .February: the challenge that will not die.
  • Minorvogonpoet addresses the April Create challenge – which, as you might recall, is called 'The Devil Made Me Do It' – in a wonderful poem which will have you cheering. We can all identify, MVP.

In other news: Awix reviews another movie with guns in. We issue yet another writing challenge, if you care to indulge. Nigel's alien friends find a way to participate in a UK initiative. There is snark. Oh, and we tell you about a truly remarkable Japanese writer and his war against 'educational tofu'. Read, comment, send Stuff!

And have a glorious week! (Don't get this 'flu that's going around. It sucks.)
Opie the puppy in a titanic struggle against a stuffed sloth
STOP PRESS NEWS: Freewayriding has a new puppy. His name is Opie. FWR says, 'It's that age-old struggle, puppy vs toy sloth. The sloth's name is Neil.' Welcome, Opie. If you have trouble with those cats, let us know. Lola the Shorkie has some advice about dealing with bossy cats.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Rooikop by Willem.
  • Dino garden by Tavaron.



  • ELIZA screenshot.
  • Please don't send this poet flowers. She's mad, and not gonna take it anymore.

  • Create April  Challenge 2017.
  • People at the ball want to party like it's 1980.

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