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Posted: 10th April 2017

Fiendishly Clever Issue

An ancient photo from the Library of Congress called 'Night Trick'. Read Florida Sailor's story and you'll know what it's here That Ancient Mariner over there is tipping you the wink. The Create Challenge this month is called 'The Devil Made Me Do It'. Personally, I think we need the entire Infernal Bureaucracy to explain what's going on in this week's issue. We're just fiendishly clever, and no mistake.

The picture is to illustrate Florida Sailor's amazing but true sailor yarn. You will not believe what he did. When I was editing the copy, I told the Core Team, 'I don't understand why some h2g2ers are still alive.' You people give new meaning to the term 'boldly go', srsly. . .

What did the devil make you do? Send it in this month!

More clever Stuff this week:

  • Awix talks about all the great acting in the new Power Rangers movie, and speculates on the motivations behind the stellar performance of renowned actor Bryan Cranston.
  • Willem paints, and then elucidates, the blesmol, another creature so utterly amazing you can't believe you don't have to go off-world to find it. Who knew this existed? How does he manage to surprise us week after week? (And yes, you'll want one, unless you're a gardener.)
  • Tavaron doesn't have blesmols in her garden. Instead, she's got. . . well, you'll just have to see it. Don't believe it, just caption it.
  • The Literary Corner brings you exciting historical news about the Boy Scouts' war on banana peels.
  • Icy North establishes a h2g2 Post first: the combination book review and quiz. Only Icy could have done this. You will enjoy taxing your brains over this one – especially Bluebottle. (Guess where those UFOs were spotted?)
  • Not to be outdone, Freewayriding has combined two genres: the rant and the prose poem. Read Excuses, Excuses and appreciate the world from the biker's viewpoint.

We've got more quizzes than your average ezine. We've got 50% more snark than a Monty Python sketch. We are, as always, profusely and originally illustrated. Read, enjoy, comment, plan rebuttals.

And have a great week out there. Willem: enjoy that fall weather. Everybody else: go out and admire the bunnies, but keep one eye on the weather report.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Cape Blesmol by Willem.
  • Artichoke landscape by Tavaron.



  • A book about UFOs in Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight.
  • Butterfly bikers, who only ride in good weather.

  • Create April  Challenge 2017.
  • A Boy Scout alertly alerting others to the presence of a dangerous banana peel.

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