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Posted: 30th May 2016

More Excitement Than You Can Shake a Stick At

Kittehs terrified of the Edited Guide. Did you enjoy your Towel Day? Did your towel go on unprecedented adventures? Some h2g2ers sent pics, be sure and take a look. Superfrenchie took hers to work, and I swanned around small-town USA in search of a hitchhiker, while Milla's dad used his for a prayer shawl. Florida Sailor had some thoughts about Towel Day, and the fellow who made the babelfish candy. Unfortunately, FS couldn't go and get any, because Florida is such a humongously big state. So he told us why, at length. You'll enjoy that one.

Oh, those cats over there? Those are FWR's cats. He's been terrorising them as part of an Artists' experiment in Guide Entry illustration. All my fault, of course. Periodically, I get pictures of horrified cats in my inbox, along with snarky captions. The latest said, 'Dmitri Gheorgheni? Sometimes me hatez that guy.' Sigh. What we put the moggies through for art, like pointing scary cameras at them... But I'm sure FWR's illustration for the electricity Entry will be supercool.

We have lots of fun Stuff for you this week. Finishing up our spy themed month, we've found yet another classic sci-fi story. This one's by a near-forgotten pulp author who deserves wider recognition. Read to find out about spies on Mars.

Speaking of space, Galaxy Babe is back to tell us all about it. She has fun facts as well as the upcoming schedule of sidereal events, so mark your calendars, astronomy fans.

And speaking of events, an exciting one has hit h2g2. Remember back in 2005, when Beeblefish asked for everybody's opinions so he could make a scientific study of web communities? Well, he's back for an update. Read the details on how to participate below. Now normally, when a scientist offers to study me, I run and hide, much like the camera-shy aboriginals of the planet Betamax Delta, who were so nervous about the invention of the VCR that they purposely invented a video recording system with a shelf life of about 3 days. However, anything Wilfrid Laurier University wants to know about, we want to share. Canadians are cool, and so is h2g2. So participate, that's an order! (Besides, you know you want to.)

Willem is a dear. He has also painted a deer. Enjoy.

Awix has a film review and I've got a book review, so your cultural needs will be met this week. There is the usual quantum of snark, and we ask you to respond in kind – the inspiration being Rick the Horse, who, believe me, is plenty snarky on his own. Just ask the goats out at the farm.

So, read, enjoy your Memorial Day, US folks, and your Bank Holiday, UK folks, and remember to send Stuff. The Post appreciates you.

STOP PRESS NEWS!!! h2g2 Post Exclusive Coverage of the Purple Wedding!

Congratulations to 2legs and his partner on their wedding. Of course, the h2g2 paparazzi were there (thanks, Dragonqueen) and we have pics!

We TOLD you this was a bumper issue.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Siberian Musk Deer by Willem.
  • Rick the Horse and Twinky the Cat.



  • Celebrity News
  • The Purple Wedding!

    Who did what when!

    Bondage ponies and badgers!

    Purple reigns supreme!
    smiley - badgersmiley - winekeysmiley - handcuffssmiley - badger

  • Purple is the colour of the day.

  • TowelQ driving.
  • We've been expecting you, Prosthetnic Vogon Jeltz.

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