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Posted: 11th April 2016

Spring: When?

A sad, cold daffodil. See that daffodil? It's in my front yard. And it's so sad, it makes you want to cry in sympathy. That was last Sunday. It's supposed to be spring, darn it. And it snowed, alas. The flowers, birds, and bunnies are not keen on this white stuff hanging around past its sell-by date. I keep shouting 'Global warming!' out the side door, but so far, it hasn't worked. Nature is being slow this year. Nothing to do but grin and bear it, and keep the potted tulips and mums from Easter inside until the weather decides to cooperate.

I hope the weather news is better where you are. Rain or shine, though, we've got a lot for you to enjoy in this week's Post. Willem has another stunning bird – this one's from Madagascar. The captionable photo is from equally exotic Punxsutawney. We didn't say 'equally classy' or anything like that, just 'equally exotic'.

Benjaminpmoore is back (yay!) with news about what he's been up to. Stop by and say hi. Bluebottle's got a report, too, about the activities of those glamorous Flea Market rescuers. (As usual, he's given it a spiffy movie title.) Awix usually throws a movie review over the transom about midnight, but this week, he popped in early with a clever idea. See how quickly you catch on. The writing never stops...we've got early-arriving stories of strange ancestors from Recumbentman and the group gathered around Icy North's water cooler. I suspect you can't fling a flan smiley - flan around this place without hitting a Researcher with a funny ancestor anecdote. So share, already. And let these guys know you commiserate with them…well, okay, that you're laughing about them…

We've got a quiz about natural laws. You'll be surprised at how much you know. Nigel has the inside dope on the Hillside Swamp Gas Incident of 1966. And he's very interested in our Literary Corner this week: the tell-all by the original head of Project Blue Book has gone public domain! You'll definitely want to read this revealing (and funny) book about UFOs from the man who invented the term 'unidentified flying object'.

So there's lots to read and comment on, much to wonder at, and some stimulation for your own next opus. You know where to send 'em: Guide Entries to PR, and the rest to Us at postteamhg (gmail). In the meantime, keep warm, keep smiling, and don't let the late snows keep you down! (And if you have happier flowers, we want to see them. Send photos.)

Snow in April.Stop Press Weather Bulletin:

This is what it looked like on Saturday. Now I ask you: is this reasonable?

A North American Researcher says, 'Now I wait till June to put the patio chairs out.'


Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Lophotibis cristata  by Willem.
  • Punxsutawney PO.



  • Who enacted the law of gravity?
  • Another UFO incident explained as alien picnickers.

  • Create April Challenge.

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