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Posted: 4th April 2016

The Unbearable Cuteness of Kittens

A fairly new kitten in hand. Awww…say it again…awwww… And there are three more where that one came from. They're excruciatingly winsome, they're less than two weeks old, and they're over at the farm. And yes, bringing more cats to Hoggett's is carrying coals to Newcastle, but mama cat Princess doesn't care. These bundles of preciousness are her gift to the internet world. Enjoy.

Now, we would like to point out that the cute kitty pic does NOT mean that we have run out of material at the h2g2 Post. No, far from it: this issue is plumb full of good Stuff. (And you know the Editor never lies.) Nor is it because we're all sweetness and light this week. Ha! We are bold, outrageous, and weird as usual. You just wait till you see what we've cooked up…

No, the baby kitteh is to lull you into a false sense of security. So we can jerk you awake by the crack of artillery fire aimed at Easter eggs.

What, what?

Yes. In this issue, you will learn about the fascinating customs of certain people, such as the annual Easter Egg Shoot. Read and be edified. You will also meet a highly placed personage and a pretty fancy horse (thanks, bobstafford), a fascinating and mysterious stranger (thanks, Cactuscafé), and a cool new movie (thanks to Awix).

When you've digested all that, Milla (thanks, you!) will serve up a surreally hoopy dessert.

Are we amazing, or what? Nigel's friends the aliens like to travel for h2g2, too. (HooToo, too?) They box the compass when exploring odd places: yes, folks, UFOs were sighted at Possum Kingdom, Texas. (Yes, there really is such a place. Who knew?)

When you've done the quiz, admired the gecko, and laughed (or at least smirked or giggled) at the Editor's lame jokes, go and check out Create and Peer Review. Remember, you're expected to add to the madness. What weird thing can you come up with this week? We'll leave you to it.

Be happy in your work, and the little kitty wants me to remind you to make somebody smile this week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Palmatogecko by Willem.
  • Milla's bressert.



  • Shooting Easter eggs at the farm.
  • Possum Kingdom UFO incident.


  • Create April Challenge.

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