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Posted: 14th December 2015


A drummer guards the print shop these days. To quote my least favourite Christmas carol. If I were the Virgin Mary's babysitter, I'd throw that drum-wielding kid right out of the stable on his ear, I would: everybody knows you're supposed to be quiet and not wake the baby. Hmpf. What are these carol writers thinking? It's like KB said in his journal:
The first thing to remember if you want to write a Christmas song is that you must be prepared to suspend any lyrical ability. Aim for Eurovision standard, and then make it a bit worse.

Thanks for that advice, KB. Well, we've all got our favourites: maybe you like that evil drummer boy. Or maybe, just maybe, you'll find one of your favourites in this issue of the h2g2 Post. Because the Create contributors are going all out on this month's challenge: Minorvogonpoet's remembering what carollers are good for, Bluebottle's counting up the cover songs, our quiz will have you scrambling to sort them all out, and the Pogues are even hiding in here somewhere. And if that's not enough for you, Tavaron will tell you how to sing your way through the apocalypse (although technically speaking, that's the Second Coming…) So you won't want for music in this week's issue. Magwitch will tell you how to outwit polar bears and evil spirits, and the carols are still on the socialist side, so you won't want for spiritual guidance, either.

We've also got film. And a weird conversation with some fictional people, courtesy of Paulh. And a snoring cat. And a zebra. Who isn't snoring, just adding to the décor.

You people should be glad you have a Scots Irish Editor. You really should. You see, we're congenital workaholics, even at holiday time. So the fact that more exciting Stuff is coming in, all at once, in the weeks before Christmas…? Just makes me grin in satisfaction. Bring 'em on! The photos, the songs, the stories…what you're hoping for under the tree, what you got under the tree, why you refuse to sacrifice innocent vegetable matter to the Solstice, whatever…send it all in. We'll get out the shoehorn if need be. And next week, sharpen your pencils, because there'll be a crossword.

Who says there's no Santa Claus? (Okay, it might be Hogfather. Or the Great Green Arkleseizure.) Have a great week, and keep on singing!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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