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Stuck for a game at the last minute? I was recommended this one.

I became officially old on Thursday, I'm not telling you how old, but let's just say it wasn't 40-odd smiley - winkeye Within this parish is a certain Elektra and she recommended a game for me.

As hubby is not at the moment able to get out himself and the game recommend was available on our newly acquired1 Xbox One as a husband bought me the game virtually.

I'd never heard of it, my boys (all three of them) had however. We downloaded a preview, oh my, it was and is one of my favourite types of games. The seemingly meandering, randomness, is a pure joy. It's not just a charming puzzle platformer, mind. Throughout the game you are treated to an episodic documentary giving you insights into the Inupiat's or Inuit's way of life.

The game is called Never Alone and you play as young girl who gone out from her village to see where the source of the blizzards that are threatening her village are coming from. Almost as soon as you set out, a polar bear starts to chase you and when he finally catches up with you an arctic fox tricks the bear into walking over thin ice. The fox then becomes your guide and companion and he teaches you the way to use the spirits to quite literally take you to higher ground.

The game can be played as a single-player switching between the girl and the fox, or as a two player where one of you is the girl and the other is the fox. We only have one controller at the moment so I'm playing as both. It really is a rather excellent game and the recommendation was so timely, Thank you, Elektra.

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1Well Fallout 4 came out on the new consoles and we needed a reason to smile this year

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