December: Holiday Song Challenge.

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Holiday Song Challenge

An engaged couple passed the town's manger scene. 'What do you think of it?' asked the young woman, a bit fearfully. After all, her intended was an engaged journalist. He might disapprove of public religious displays.

Her fiancé studied the creêche thoughtfully. 'It's just not the same without the dinosaurs,' was his decision. In his Nebraska hometown, the manger scene was always set up in the park where a permanent dinosaur display was housed. It just wasn't Christmas without a T. Rex looming over the baby Jesus.

What's the holiday season for you, musically? Tell us about your favourite Christmastime song. But...and here's the have to tell us why. Is it the meaning? The story of how it was composed? Or a more personal connection? Was it the way the kids sang it at school or in the mall?

It doesn't have to be religious. Or Christian. Or even holiday-related, except in your own mind. Tell us your musical stories! And include a link, if you have one.

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