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Posted: 19th October 2015

Seed Collecting

A bumblebee on a zinnia. Okay, first off, an acknowledgement that the flower that bee is on is a zinnia. Which Willem says is an undesirable plant in South Africa. Along with the succulent we've got growing in a pot at our house. One man's weed is another's garden pride. We have delighted in the zinnias and marigolds all summer, not least because those nasty deer who invade our backyard at three a.m. hate marigolds. But what has amazed me the last few weeks are the bumblebees that are all over our flowerbeds, being busy. Butterflies, too. Boy, do we have pollinators. But don't they know it's October?

Fall makes me sad. I'm one of those people who hate to see the summer go. But this area gives us a consolation prize in the form of 'Indian summer', warm days among the turning leaves, followed by cool nights. The plants and insects know what's up, and they pour on the steam, working overtime to get in their last hurrahs before the first killing frost. The lilies are still blooming, and the marigolds and zinnias are going to seed just as fast as they can. We're learning, too: we're collecting the seeds to save for next year. Because sooner or later, once the coming winter's snows melt, we'll be out there in the backyard planting again. And next year's bees and butterflies will be busy pollinating.

What kind of seeds do you collect? Insights gleaned from people-watching? Knowledge born of study and collaboration? The fruits of your research, travel, or personal experience? You can store those seeds here, you know: right in our virtual pages. Write them down. List them. Photograph them, draw them. Send them to us. We'll even archive them for you, so you and everyone else on the planet can find them again.

Who knows? Something wonderful might grow from that seed you planted.

What do we have for you this week? A really beautiful duck from Willem. A movie tip from Awix. A bunch of cartoons. (Three's a bunch.) Another caption challenge – you're doing so well with these, and you have no idea how many perfect strangers think you're witty beyond belief. A quiz on baking quotations. Some fiction from the master, EA Poe, and some factual information about this, that, and the other. The usual mishmash, which should stimulate some writing, artwork, or photography on your part.

Go gathering your seeds out there. And have a great week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Comb Duck by Willem.
  • Spider Man.



  • Tom Paine armed with an iPad.
  • Twinky the kitten eyeing the baked goods.


  • Create October Challenge: Bake-Off.
  • Spyfi promo.

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