October: The Great h2g2 Bake Off.

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The Summer may be over, but we can still bake up a storm, even if it's not in a tent

Have you been watching the Great British Bake Off? Many people have and for the last six summers, amateur bakers have taken on the challenges posed to them by Cookery Writer Mary Berry and professional baker Paul Hollywood to varying degrees of success/ in a tent somewhere in Southern England.

Whether you’ve seen or not seen the programme, or don't even care for that sort of thing, you may still be an avid baker or only make cakes out of necessity from a packet, we’d love hear from you.

  • Is your meringue a light airy triumph? Or does it galumph out of the oven like an elephant in lead boots?
  • Would you attempt bubble-gum and peppermint in the same confection?
  • Are your cakes more rock than fairy?
  • Maybe you've taken part in (or even won) Church Fete's baking contests.
  • Do you have a signature dish that you bake when friends or family are visiting?
  • Have you tried any recipes from the show? I’m rather hoping to have a go at a Spanish Windtorte myself.1
  • Whatever your taste in baking, we're sure you can find something to tickle your taste buds: be it a recipe that went very well and you'd like to share it with us, a culinary disaster, or the day you tasted that perfect cake for the very first time. We'd love Guide Entries, stories, memories and of course we want to see pictures.

    While we wait for the other choux to drop, in the words of Mel and Sue;

    On your marks, get set, bake!

    1Does anyone want a dozen egg yolks?

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