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Posted: 21st September 2015

A Bang-Up Issue

An advert for Captain Billy's Whiz Bang'. The h2g2 Post, like Captain Billy's Whiz Bang (first published in 1919), serves a vital need in the reading community: the need for good, snarky fun. Captain Billy's jokes were a bit on the racy side for his day, but he was writing for Great War veterans. We're writing for everyone, and though Captain Billy might have found us scandalous – or, more probably, completely incomprehensible – we're a lot like him. Low-budget and cutting-edge. Don't think so? Compare the humour in this issue to the snippets from Captain Billy in the Spoils of War item on this page. We think ours are better, but hey: cootie jokes are a bit past their sell-by date, thanks to modern hygiene and pharmaceuticals.

What else have we got for you this week? Oh, loads of wonderful things. Congrats to Minorvogonpoet, who has published her novel Dreaming in Stone, available at that Amazon link. She'll tell you about the publication process, and what she learned. It's a memorable September moment. FWR has another for us, one that will send shivers up your spine. Find it here.

The Post Team rejoices! Willem is back! Enjoy his new painting, and read about the Ground Woodpecker! And stop by to let him know you appreciate his return in this edition. Between Willem and FWR, we finally have some real art to show you, and you can stop bellyaching about the Editor's uncertain aesthetic sense and pathetic approach to nature. (Admit it, last week's kitty pics were cute!)

Awix is back with cinema, and Ben Franklin, our Philadelphia genius, shows up with a swimming lesson. (Kites optional.) The headers? Oh, um, yeah, those. Maybe it was the new medication. They warned me… Okay, there's a sort of minipuzzle involved as to how each header relates to the content. If you can't figure it out, ask Icy North, because he always solves the riddles.

Come and read, talk among yourselves, and send Stuff! Let us know what you want to know about. And have a great week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Ground Woodpecker by Willem.
  • Bathing beauties of the Roaring Twenties.

Γνωθι   Σεαυτον


  • September park ghost by FWR.
  • An exterminator on patrol in ancient Persia.


  • Create September Challenge: Try to Remember.
  • A crowd.

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