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Posted: 14th September 2015

Reasons to Read the h2g2 Post

Puff the Kitty says, 'Read the Post'. There are at least 42 reasons to read the h2g2 Post every week. No, we won't list them all. We'll leave that to Bluebottle, our Listmeister. BB's back this week with news on the Flea Market, which is one good reason to read the Post. He keeps us up to date on all the good things happening with the Edited Guide. Have you rescued anything lately? Are you working on your next Entry?

Another reason to read us is our eclecticism. That means we aren't stuck on one subject. We can be snarky about just about anything. This week, the Post has sunk to the level of maudlin sentimentality. See that illegally cute kitty? There's more where that came from. Join us in making up snarky captions. Come on, you know you want to.

Yet another reason is the fact that the h2g2 Post has its collective finger on the pulse of the world. We bring you such timely reminders as the apocalypse story from last week, and this week's news about the historic shift to the Gregorian calendar. Yes, it happened in 1752. But in-depth analysis and thorough research take time, even in the internet age. Read all about it here. Our special correspondent, Benjamin Franklin, is a h2g2 regular from Philadelphia. He'll explain.

Of course, we can't ignore the splendid entertainment the Post provides. Magwitch has news on the ever-fascinating gaming front, while Awix brings us the latest in cinema thrills. The 42 Words crowd are back with cleverness. As always, we have humour and brain teasers. The mind reels.

September's Create Challenge is to describe a memorable personal event from the month. We've got two items for your consideration this week: mine involves an unusual bit of flooring from the past, and FWR's more recent story concerns a special kind of bonding…you'll identify. We congratulate FWR on his memorable event. Drop by and learn all about it. Then share your September story with us.

So, you see why the h2g2 Post is your weekly source for the best reading on the internet. You also get ideas for how you, too, can be involved. Read, comment, get inspired, and send us Stuff. And yes, kitty pics are welcome. Have a great week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni


(And hopelessly sentimental at the same time)
  • Schlieffen, a man with a plan.
  • A blue-eyed kitten in a basket, lowering the tone of this publication.


(Up to a point)


(Even if we're not sure what year it is)

  • Calendar mixup.
  • Ben Franklin, our Philadelphia correspondent.


(And share them freely)


(Do you have some to share?)
  • A grandfather holds hands with his new grandson.
  • Niki the cat rolls on the magic Greek floor.

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