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Posted: 9th March 2015

Advanced Hitchhiking

Book cover. People keep saying, 'h2g2 is a writing site.' Now, I'm not sure what that means, personally. Does it mean we're all about putting words together, sharing them, then sitting back and critiquing each other's work? Absolutely not.

Does it mean we're all about using words and images to share our past and current experiences, in order to piece together a composite vision of life on this planet? Yes, yes, yes.

Remember how the ones who started this venture got together to try to make Douglas Adams' idea of a Hitchhiker's Guide come true for Earth? Since then, many people have created online encyclopedias, anorak wikis, and invitations to buy-buy-buy. But we keep telling it like it is – the view from our windows, train compartments, overhead, or under our feet while fly-…

Now, wait a minute. Isn't that taking Hitchhiking a little too far? I mean, excitement, adventure, etc, but flying the Wainwrights? He's done it, has Hoovooloo. And he's written a book about it. And Solnushka's reviewed it. So read it, already. Our point was merely, well, Ford Prefect would have been proud.

The rest of these contributors are no slouches in the surprise department, either. Willem's got ostriches to show us. Minorvogonpoet takes us back in time to meet some brave people. Once again, we have wit in 42-word packages. Cactuscafe invites us to look, while the quiz tries to make you think. Bluebottle tries to make you write. As usual, enjoy, comment, get ideas.

Have a good week, wherever you spend it – on land, sea or sky. Just remember to tell us all about it!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Ostriches by Willem.
  • An adjustable water fountain in 1911.



  • A souvenir photo from the Moon.
  • The Chicago House Wrecking Company


  • March Create 2015 by FWR.
  • Supermarket time.

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