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Posted: 19th January 2015

All the Ships at Sea

The fabled Isle of Wight. Why are we showing you this map of the Solent? Well, for one thing, it features the fabled Isle of Wight, the Edited Guide's favourite geographical location. For another, it will help you with orientation when you read Bluebottle's stop-press, breaking story about the 'gurt-big ship'. It's a tale of incredible bravery and tragic property loss, and you won't want to miss it. Our intrepid Researcher has spared no pains to give us the skinny on local doings, and to expose the awful truth.

Don't say we never pay attention to current events. If, like Bluebottle, we practically run into them on the commuter boat, we wake up and smell the coffee, we do. (There's even something about cricket in there.)

What else have we got for you? Cactuscafe's art, inspiring as always, the first in a series. Willem's wildlife art, breathtaking, natch. Willem's expertise on plants, ditto, ditto…Willem helping Minorvogonpoet with a little property-finding issue by playing inventor…what?...

Is there no end to the talent around here? The mind boggles. Your Editor is in awe.

Magwitch has fun games for us, Awix has spine-tingling cinema, and the archives have weirdness to tell about. There are chuckles, and a head-scratching quiz for you that will test your knowledge of both Bible and film history. Who could resist?

In short, we've got another winning issue here, and you'd better appreciate. Read, comment, get educated.

Have a great week, and don't forget to write!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Brown pelican by Willem.
  • Cushion Euphorbia.



  • The first US 'selfie'.
  • High wire fireworks, don't try this at home.

  • Hoegh Osaka.
  • Bird kite in flight.

  • Roboschlepp 3000.
  • An ancient Egyptian prophecy about a movie.

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