January Create: Roboschlepp 3000 Ambuletic Snaffulator

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Amazing h2g2 Inventions: The Roboschlepp

The Roboschlepp

Minorvogonpoet wrote:

I'm always losing things and leaving them behind. Glasses and mobile phones are the worst, but I lost a camera in the States and I left a walking pole on a French hillside. So what I want is a robot finding device.
It would have to be mobile to follow me about, so it would need wheels or legs. Four legs would be good, to enable it to climb stairs and cope with rough paths. It’s most important equipment would be a flexible mechanism which could pick up traces of my scent on things I've lost. Something like an elephant's trunk, perhaps. Of course, it would need a powerful microprocessor to find its way about and return to me. A brain of sorts. It would also need a camera, so it could see where it was going. Perhaps two, one on each side. Since I don't want my robot finding device to attract too much attention, it should be a neutral colour. Brown would be good. When I come to think about it, maybe what I need is a dog !

Look no further, MVP: Willem has answered your cry for help. The slogan is, 'For when a dog just won't do…'

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