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Posted: 1st December 2014

December Frontiers

Adventures in space.December is here! Holiday cheer on the horizon – if you can see the horizon, which most of us can't. Why not? Well, it's either raining or snowing, most of the time, here in the northern hemisphere. 2014 isn't even over yet, and people in the Northeast US are already heartily sick of seeing those white flakes. Don't mention the weather in Buffalo, New York. You might not like what you hear. If you're living in the southern hemisphere, and therefore planning to throw a shrimp on the barbie come Christmas Day, be nice and don't gloat too much. Some of us are getting grumpy.

What else is on the horizon? Space, the final frontier! Yep, these are the voyages of the ISS, its continuing mission: to seek out new facts and new discoveries, to find out more about life in microgravity, to boldly go where no mouse has gone before. The Rodent Research Hardware is only one of the mysteries of Expedition 42, the ISS mission that is going on over all our heads, and is dedicated to…you guessed it! Expedition 42 honours the Hitchhiker's Guide. And we want to honour our brave Earth astronauts. So, now that NaJoPoMo is over, Create urge us to turn our attention to the stars. December is Space Month. Write about it. Investigate it. Send in your Guide Entries, artwork, photography, stories, anecdotes, whatever you can come up with.

Our contributors are getting us off to a good start. The aptly-named Galaxy Babe is back with her yearly review of events astronomical. Awix reviews a science fiction film, the latest in the Hunger Games series. That should hold you till we get a rope. Start working on your contribution to this month's challenge.

Of course, not all December thoughts turn to space. Some people are planning get-togethers. Why not read them some ghost stories, if they're British? (If they're not, they'll probably think you should be locked up.) In this issue, we recommend some perfect read-aloud stories for your holiday fete. And if you're looking for gift ideas for the geek in your household, check out Magwitch's Game of the Month. It might be a must-buy for your favourite gamer.

Ben's back with a knotty question. Willem's here with a bright bird. The aliens are Out There with an alternative view of history, as always. We'll quiz you, inform you, and tickle your funnybone.

Got something to share? You know our address: postteamhg-at-gmail-dot-com. Write early and often, and don't throw snowballs at your elders. They are slower than you, and can't dodge as fast as they used to. Peace, man, until next week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Frosted leaf, night sky.
  • Globular cluster by NASA.



  • Cuban Tody by Willem.
  • Christ Church Episcopal in Rugby, Tennessee.

  • Illustration of the internet rumour that US President Eisenhower consorted with aliens.
  • Photocopying in the Gay 90s

  • Tweet about an apocryphal event.
  • John Cleese with a catchphrase.

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